List of 6 Awesome Archery Ranges in Arizona

Arizona has breathtaking views and a lot of participation in hunting and riflery. Bowhunting and archery are the logical next step in these techniques. You can visit various facilities and ranges whether you’re just interested in archery or want to practice your shooting before hunting season.

Choosing a good range is imperative to a great practice day as you don’t want to be struggling with targets, losing arrows, or not being able to make your mind up on the day you decide to go out and shoot. Frustrations can completely ruin a session in a high-concentration sport like archery. Below is a collection of a few we think really stand out to help you choose the best archery range for your day out.  Also, if you want to make your own backstops, check our new article here.

Usery Mountain Regional Park

The bowhunting range at the Usery Mountain Regional Park has almost a hundred targets for you to enjoy alongside the park’s beauty. These targets are spread over six different courses, including:

  • Field practice
  • Hunter practice
  • Field Target course
  • Hunter Target course
  • Burlap Animal Targets
  • 3D Animal Targets

There are more than 30 tournaments hosted here for a variety of clubs throughout the year.

The park offers a mind-boggling amount of recreational and sports facilities and learning programs so you can get to know more about and enjoy nature after practising your shots. Visit the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation official website for information on other activities at the park.

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

The Ben Avery Outdoor Archery Range is based in north Phoenix and offers professionally managed target archery shoots and NFAA certified courses. The facility hosts bowhunting walks, 3D fun shoots, and annual competitions for archers of all ages and abilities.

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

The shooting range caters to many outdoor activities and includes facilities like an indoor riflery range and a clay target center. This facility was started to provide a safe and regulated area for people to participate in possibly dangerous sports like archery.

Arizona Archery Club Range

The Arizona Archery Club has an indoor range available from Tuesday to Saturday for any archer. The club and shop are located in Deer Valley, North Phoenix, and offer rentable equipment and a 40-yard long range for all ages and skill sets.

Arizona Archery Club Range

Lake Havasu City Sportsmans’ Club

At the Lake Havasu City Sportsmans’ Club facility in SARA Park, you’ll find a stunning bowhunting range that’s entirely free for public use. To enjoy this park to the fullest, you should bring your own bow and arrows and have an adult with you if you’re under 18. If you like shooting pistols and rifles, you’re in luck; that range neighbors the archery and is also free to use.

Lake Havasu City Sportsmans’ Club

Oro Valley

Oro Valley boasts a fixed range with targets varying from 15-100 yards and two walking trails with 14 targets each. The Oro Valley facility is located in Naranja Park and features some of the most beautiful parts of it in the archery walks. The range offers professional lessons for any skill level and is open from sunrise to sunset.

Take Away

Archery can be a fun and relaxing hobby or an exhilarating sport, but it’s sure to be available to you no matter where you are in Arizona. There are so many facilities to visit, and a lot of them have more than bowhunting ranges available. You can easily make a fun day for the whole family at one of these locations.