Top Archery Ranges in Florida

Is Florida too Hot for Outdoor Sports?

Don’t let Florida’s high temperatures keep you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. The state has no shortage of indoor and outdoor archery ranges, suitable for all skill levels. And on the bright side, Florida’s temperatures will have you practicing your outdoor archery skills all year round, without fighting the snow.

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Archery Ranges in Florida

Central Florida Archery and Hunting Club, Apopka, FL

Located in the heart of Florida, this gem of a club welcomes all levels of archers. Their head coach has over 40 years of experience and trains some of the club’s top archers. Memberships are available for singles or as a family plan.

Although the website doesn’t give you full details, staff are happy to answer your phone calls.

Flagger Gun and Archery Club, Bunnel, FL

While this club is not solely for archery, their outdoor archery facilities will not disappoint. The membership prices are fair, starting at a one-time-only fee of $150 for single members.

The club gears toward families by hosting regular picnics and family events. Membership will provide you year-round access and use of exclusive members-only resale items.

Fort Lauderdale Archers, Broward County, FL

This private not-for-profit club operates on 40 acres of beautiful Florida land. Members will enjoy 365-day access. New members will pay $252 USD for one year and $192 USD for each year following.

fort Lauderdale Archers, Broward County, FL

This club caters to archers ONLY, so you know your fellow members will share your interest in the same sport. Make sure this club is a good fit for you by reaching out to the membership coordinator and taking a tour of the grounds.

You’ll need your own equipment to shoot here because the club doesn’t have rental equipment. If you don’t have equipment yet, we recommend purchasing from a store that offers equipment demos. That way you can be sure it’s the right equipment for you.

Gold Coast Archers, Palm Beach County, FL

This private not-for-profit club does not have lessons or equipment rentals but does provide gate code access to the entire facility all year long. Gold Coast Archers have training courses for those looking to compete in World Competitions.

Some of these training courses have longer shooting ranges which will meet the requirements for top-level competition. Ranges go up to 70 meters. After a few years of practice, some archers are ready for higher competition levels, and Gold Coast Archers have got you covered in that instance as well!

Overall, this is a great option for archers who want to set competition goals.

Florida Archery Association – should I be a Member?

You might be wondering if you need to obtain a membership to a state or national club, like the FAA (Florida Archery Association), the US Archery Association, or the NFAA (National Field Archery Association. The short answer is no.

Each state in the US has its own archery association. Joining these associations will gain you access to exclusive member events and tournaments. You will find loads of information on their websites about the benefits of being a member, so you can decide if it’s the right fit.

Keep in mind that membership at one of these clubs will only gain you access to that club specifically. If you are just starting in the sport of archery, don’t rush to join all the associations. Pick a club that suits your needs. Ask if you can have a tour or a trial day at the club. If you decide it suits your needs, then pay for a membership.

Spend time asking experienced archers what clubs/associations they belong to and why. Archery is a prevalent sport in the US so your resources are plenty.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ranges

The weather in Florida is very accommodating to year-round archery, but it can reach scorching temperatures. An indoor range is a great way to enjoy archery and stay cool. Some clubs only offer outdoor ranges, so check their website before heading out on particularly hot days.

Some archers prefer indoor ranges when practicing for accuracy and competition because you don’t have to battle the elements. Indoor clubs way even have electric targets that return your target after shooting similar to a gun shooting range. Indoor ranges also guarantee you won’t lose your arrows in the woods.

Outdoor ranges are a great way to get outside and exercise reaching back to archery’s deepest roots when archery was used to source food. They can also be a source of family fun all year round no matter the weather conditions. Especially in Florida!

In general, Florida is a great location to start or expand your archery experience. The clubs are spread all throughout Florida, so you will not have trouble finding one close to your home. So get out there and enjoy some archery in Florida!