Crossbow Target Reviews – Which One Is a Solid Choice?

We all want the best crossbow target, but finding the right one has become increasingly difficult. Today, we’ll break it down and make it easy for you.

The problem for a lot of us is the dawn of faster crossbows and more advanced weapons. We imagine something durable, portable, and reliable; a product that will serve its purpose for a long time and be versatile as well.

The challenge for us all is what to use for a target. It often seems like an impossible task to find that exact one.

A few shredded targets later, and we don’t want to try anymore. Is it just me, or does this seem like a familiar experience?

Many companies are still producing high-quality crossbow targets that promise to be some of the best crossbow targets we’ve ever seen. Merchants make crossbows to absorb over 400 fps, as crossbows have gotten faster.

Many choices on the market today are cost-effective and can withstand harsh conditions. Better yet, if these targets aren’t 3D models, they often offer a variety of covers that include pictures of animals displaying their vital organs.

Here, Archery Edge presents to you a list we have put together of our favorite crossbow targets, and we offer a comprehensive review of each one. We address this issue to show discouraged customers that there are a variety of options for each archer.

We make our choices based on what qualities matter the most to us, which is why we review a variety of traits in each of these targets. In the end, we will present to you our favorite for the top crossbow target reviews, and we want to hear your feedback as well.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Very soon, you’ll know which crossbow target is the best one for you.


Delta McKenzie Targets Crossbow Discharge Bag Target

This bag target is made to release your crossbow after a day of hunting or practicing on the archery range. It is brightly colored, made to be portable and prepared to accept bows over 400 FPS.

A hallmark of this target is the portability, and another important detail is how cost-effective it is.

This target could be the right choice for someone that appreciates the portability and power packed into this one target.


  • Great stopping power
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry with you


  • May not be suitable for all the elements
  • Prone to wear and tear if overused


Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS 4 Sided Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target with Traditional Bullseyes, Nine-ball, Dartboard Game, and Deer Vitals, Yellow

This target is excellent for archers of all levels of expertise. It is 33 pounds and is portable, durable, and versatile.

This target comes with different target cover options, which is helpful so that the user can have some variety when practicing. A few other beneficial features are straps for easy carrying and bright colors for visibility.

It can accept target arrowheads.

This target is the most functional if the primary qualities you are seeking are durability and versatility.


  • This bag is durable and can withstand rain and harsh conditions so that we can leave it outside for extended periods.
  • Huge variety in target covers
  • This bag makes it easy to remove arrows
  • Last for an extended amount of time when using a target arrowhead


  • At 33 pounds it requires a little bit of heavy lifting.
  • It may not be suitable for arrows speeds over 400 FPS


Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 Outdoor Portable Adult Field Point Archery Bag Target with 2 Shooting Sides, 10 Bullseyes, and Carry Handle, Yellow

This bag target is a 36-pound instrument designed for field points, meant to be visible, portable, and last for years. It is designed for high-speed archery and comes with a replaceable target cover.

A unique benefit of this target is that it comes with straps as well as grommets if you wish to hang it. What’s more is the high stopping power of this bag, another fantastic feature it offers.

While this target is not made to be portable, it works if you are looking for a wallet-friendly choice that will hold up against rounds of shooting.


  • Incredible stopping power
  • Extremely durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Economical


  • At 36 pounds it requires some heavy lifting


Shot Stoppa Archery Target Cube Fill Yourself Crossbow Target Will Stop Arrows & Crossbow Bolts at 10ft 2 Finger Removal

This cube target is excellent for novice archers. An essential trait of this target is that you pack it with your own clothes or old rags.

It is an easy way to get rid of old things, and notably, each face of the cube is different and can provide you with diverse practice sessions. This versatility will be useful for many novice archers.

This cube is made to be durable and take target arrowheads up to 400 fps.  


  • Versatile-each cube face provides a different experience, including the chance to practice on animal targets.
  • Light
  • Long life


  • Best suited for arrowheads shot from a short distance


Field Logic BLOCK Classic Archery Target 22', Black

This lightweight, portable target is very practical and great for field tips. It is made to be durable and has reliable stopping power. It is perfect if you are looking for something sturdy but easy to carry.

An essential component is the use of OpenFOAM which is used to stop the arrows. This allows for a more densely packed target.

Notably, this target works for field tips in every sense, it works for the wallet, the fps, and for days when one gets stuck in the elements.


  • Good visibility thanks to the contrast colors
  • Easy to carry
  • Three different sizes
  • High quality material


  • The foam inside the target might get attached on the arrows

Best Crossbow Target Buying Guide

Crossbow Arrowheads: Targets for All Types

There are three main types of arrowheads we will be discussing; the target, the blunt, and the broadhead. For those of you scratching your foreheads, fear not; here is a simple explanation of each type.

The Target Arrowhead

The target arrowhead is the most common type of arrowhead for novices to use for practice. Most broadheads either damage or speed up the process of degradation of a target.

Manufacturers make target arrowheads, or field tips so that you have no trouble piercing the target with the arrow and retrieving it with ease. Crossbow target manufacturers also make their targets to be able to release arrows effortlessly.

Easy to use and versatile, the bag target, a compact, portable, and durable target is a perfect target for novices to begin shooting on. Bag targets exist only for target arrowheads, as such bag targets absorb shock as readily as they release your arrows when you’re ready to fire a new round.

We have to keep in mind that different bag target sizes offer varying ranges, with the smallest bag targets offering the narrowest spectrum. With these things in mind, be careful when using different types of bag targets.

The Blunt Arrowhead

Blunt arrowheads are what they sound like. The blunt point can cause internal injury to the target at vital points so much so that the target will be unable to escape.

Even though blunt arrowheads cannot pierce the skin, it doesn’t mean that these cannot cause harm. These do come in sizes for children with more safety measures in place.

It is essential to consider the uses of blunt arrowheads when considering what target we are buying against the bows we have. We use blunt arrowheads less than target arrowheads, but don’t forget, they’re still a great tool when hunting and are always fun for target practice.

Foam layer targets are perfect for blunt arrowheads due to the force at which they hit the mark, the power rips the target to shreds if it’s anything less than foam. Foam layer targets are also lightweight and perfect for outdoor use.

As stated beforehand, blunt arrowheads are usually not what the maker of the crossbow target has in mind. If you genuinely want to get the best use out of your blunt arrowheads, we recommend trying to use them on some 3D models for practice.

Best Crossbow Targets for Broadheads

Broadhead arrows are by far some of the oldest tools known to humankind and come in several different shapes and sizes. We encourage the use of broadheads for hunting purposes only due to the danger of the sharp arrowhead, and they can rip bag targets and many cubes to shreds.

Better yet, use a 3D target if you plan on practicing to hunt with a broadhead. The technology of 3D targets has evolved to display the vital organs of the animal you are hunting, making them the best crossbow broadhead target.

These 3D targets come in variety of animals – some extinct animals may even be available for an extra layer of entertainment. For more information, check out the most common types of arrowheads as well as more about archery targets.

Deciding Which Target is Best for You

Picking one or multiple targets is a big decision that involves several factors.

What’s more, we should keep in mind the level we shoot at. If it is your first time picking up a crossbow, this choice might be very daunting.


Other things you should keep in mind are how often you practice or shoot, and what do you use your target for? Some people hunt; some of us practice on still targets only.

Do you need a light, easy-carry target? Many people only use broadhead arrows, those of us that are broadhead only archers should keep in mind that there is a specific set of targets to suit our needs.

Skill and Space

Also, you need to question how fast you shoot. The last thing we want is to shred a brand new target.

Consider this, some of us practice indoors while some practice outdoors. Some archers do a solid mix of both.

Some of us have an entire archery range set up in our backyards while others of us are always on the move. Some of us practice for hours on end every day of the week while others pick up their bow now and again.

What’s more, some archers will only use broadheads, while others cannot resist the allure of target arrowheads. Some of us hunt, and some of us never shoot above 400 fps.


These are all factors you should take into consideration while picking out your target. The importance of the qualities discussed above will help us make a decision specific to us when buying our next crossbow target.

Deer and Deer Hunting is beneficial when trying to figure out what your criterion is for finding the right target.

We can each find the target that meets our needs, pushes us to become better archers, and provides us with a long-lasting, enjoyable experience.

Amazing Features of The Best Crossbow Target

Reviewed above are our favorite discharge targets, bag targets, foam layer targets, and 3D targets. Some of the characteristics that made these stand out from the rest were their combined portability and ability to take high-speed crossbows.

We like the targets that combined these qualities in their product to give it several vital attributes. Compound crossbows move much more quickly than some of their recurve counterparts, and not every manufacturer has made targets that live up to the needs of the compound bowhunter.

We have reviewed some products that do. Easy removal and durability were also some common traits found among crossbow targets we reviewed.

It gets better; some of our favorite brands were also very wallet-friendly. Read on to discover which affordable crossbow targets we liked the most!

Budget-Friendly Crossbow Brands

We went on a search for affordable crossbow targets and were surprised to find that some of the most inexpensive options were also the best options.  Check out our entire review post about The Best Budget Crossbows.

An investment in a crossbow target is a serious decision. You don’t want to spend money unless you can make an informed decision.

Recurve vs. Compound Crossbow

The two most popular types of crossbows are the classic recurve and the high-speed compound. The recurve bow is a time-honored favorite, with tips that curve away from the ends, unlike a traditional longbow.

Cams or no Cams

A compound bow has cams, or small wheels at the end of the bow to help exert force. This feature has made the compound bow a more powerful force to shoot with because of let off.

The idea is that you do not have to hold the full force in the string when you have fully drawn your bow because the cams hold some of the power. The cams then release that extra power when you release your compound bow.


Compound bows and recurve bows should theoretically allow for the same amount of velocity. Compound bows allow for more efficiency when releasing the arrow and have a slightly higher speed.

What does this mean for targets? Compound bows are faster, easier to aim-since you do not have to hold full weight at full draw and are smaller.

If we choose to buy or own a compound crossbow, we should keep in mind that the arrow will release more quickly and more accurately. This means you need to make sure your target can withstand the velocity of your crossbow.


The advantages of recurve bows are that they can achieve the same effects of compound bows with less maintenance, and often at a lower cost, although they are not as fast and usually not as accurate.

For target shooting, it is a matter of personal preference. However, we should keep in mind what type of crossbow we use when we buy a new target since both have different effects.

Best Crossbow for Target Shooting

We favor the compound crossbow for those that are new to crossbow archery or have purchased a new target. We take time to adjust to new targets, and the ease of using a compound crossbow is helpful for this process.

Taking Your Practice to Moving Targets

Many of us practice on targets for fun. A lot of us also like to use 3D targets or hunt.

We practice for a long time – hopefully – before taking our crossbow of choice out into the woods or onto a competitive range. Whether you have decided to have some fun and find camaraderie in competition or are going to look for dinner, a few different techniques can help you improve your transition from shooting at a still target to shooting at a moving target.

Space and Tools

Setting up a variable practice range where you live is a popular way to practice among crossbow archers. With the variety of high-quality crossbow targets, each with their trademark, it is easy to make your own archery range.

Just think, with everything from discharge targets to 3D models, you can position things wherever you like. Your backyard can transform into a place to train your skills.

In the United States, it may not be legal to shoot outdoors in some states. I would recommend finding some comrades that enjoy crossbow archery as well and go to a shooting range or even build an indoor archery range.

Crossbow Safety

If you are planning on shooting animals or anything that resembles an animal like a 3D target, go through the motions when shooting at a still target. Learn how to safely cock your crossbow, and make sure the trigger glides well.

Focus on the Target

Inhale and exhale with the shot, pulling the trigger slowly. Focus as you look down the scope of your crossbow if this is a feature your crossbow has.

Try not to move, and stay focused on your target after the arrow has left the bow. Going through these motions will help prepare you for a live situation.

Hone Your Target Skills

This is one of the reasons we used the ability to simulate life as one of the factors for ranking the targets we reviewed. Transitioning from a still to a moving target is not easy.

Practicing on a variety of cutting edge targets, and going through the motions will help ease you into the day your target is moving.

Safety: Before You Shoot

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our favorite crossbow targets, we always like to remind readers that archery can be dangerous. The sharp and blunt arrowheads are designed to kill animals roughly the size of a human being.

Always exercise safety with your quiver, arrows, and arrowhead and only draw when you intend to shoot.


So from the five listed above which one gets our top pick? The best crossbow target was the Morrell Double 450FPS Field Point Bag.

The Morrell Double is light enough to be portable and heavy enough that we can put it on a target stand or mount it from the ceiling and have it at our disposal at home. It is resistant to harsh conditions, meaning less worry about it degrading in the outdoors.

It comes with several different target covers, including one with depictions of the vital organs of animals. Other targets did not measure up when it came to being as affordable or having versatility when it came to the target covers.

Why not pick a target that can take broadheads or other types of arrowheads? In our pursuit of the best crossbow targets, we found that most crossbow targets – aside from 3D models – are designed with field tips in mind.

We did not feel it just to judge these crossbow targets based on what type of arrowhead they could take. None of them could sustain a broadhead with no damage.

This review of the most cutting edge targets on the market right now showed us that at least, the ability of targets to absorb impact measured against the strength of the broadhead hasn’t changed. What’s more, many of the targets we reviewed above were affordable, absorbed arrows at over 400 fps or were very easy to carry, but in few where all of these qualities combined.

The Morrell Double put all of these characteristics into one product to pack a punch like no other target. This crossbow target had everything we were looking for, and incorporating a more visual experience with having animals on the target covers as well as other creative targets made it a step above the rest for us.

This target has finally saved us the headache of searching for the right one. After investing in the Morrell Double, we never want another target.

We have destroyed so many targets that tear as soon as the arrow enters them because they can not withstand speeds up to 400 fps. We have also encountered targets that degrade in the rain or targets that get boring after a little bit of time.

Some targets simply cost too much for the product or fall apart after a few practice rounds. We always felt that it was not worth our time.

Now we never have to look again, and we can answer the question that keeps coming back to haunt us. “What is the best target to practice shooting a crossbow on?”

The Morrell Double is a fantastic option for archers looking for a target to meet their needs. Higher speeds, higher quality, more versatility, this product has it.

After reading our reviews, what is your favorite? We would like to hear from you and hear your thoughts on your favorite targets. The word has gotten out about our favorite target, who are you going to tell about the Morrell Double?

Share a brief anecdote in the comments below and give us your feedback on this target. We hope you’ve found a great crossbow target and now you never have to go hunting for another one again.