Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow

Review Last Updated: March 14, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Fibreglass construction
  • Cobra System self-cocking mechanism
  • Red dot scope - 1 x magnification with 30mm objective lens with integrated mount
  • Accessories included


In 2020, finding the perfect crossbow for you can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why we give you reviews of the best crossbows and archery equipment – to make your browsing a little easier.

Your choice of brand may vary depending on your budget, and archery style. If you enjoy both target practice and hunting, then a tactical crossbow is a good option.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-operate crossbow, then the Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow may be the one for you.

Keep reading for our detailed review of the bow, including a list of the features, and a list of the pros and cons.


  • Fiberglass bow for durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable


  • No instructions included in the box
  • Does not come pre-assembled

Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow Product Review

Before we get to the review, here’s a little background on the company behind the bow – Ace Martial Arts Supply.

Ace Martial Arts Supply is a U.S. based company (from Whittier) dedicated to supplying high-quality weapons to enthusiasts all over the world.

Crossbows are one of many things they sell – they sell everything martial-arts based, from uniforms to japanese swords.

Included with this purchase:

  • Red dot scope
  • 39 x arrows
  • 2 x strings

Please bear in mind that the instructions that come with the package aren’t easily understandable and clear, but there are plenty of tutorials online that will help you assemble this bow.

One of the best parts about this bow is the extras that you receive when you buy this crossbow. It can be wallet-damaging building up your archery arsenal, but you’re certain to save money with the Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow.

The extra string is a valuable addition, and perfect for beginners to the archery world. Newbies to the sport are a lot more likely to damage the string, whether by stretching it or snapping it during assembly.

The draw weight of this bow is 80 pounds, which tends to be the standard with crossbows in this category. 80 pounds is easily manageable, which makes it a great starter crossbow.

The cocking mechanism is safe and easy to use. Ace Martial Arts Supply used a Cobra System cocking mechanism, which renders it extremely reliable. This high-quality cocking mechanism shortens the time it takes to reload, making it a fast and efficient piece of weaponry.

Cobra is a well-known name in the archery world and is highly rated by beginners and professionals alike.

This tactical crossbow fires at speeds of 165FPS, which is around the average for a bow in this category.

Although 165FPS is enough power to take down small game, you’ll struggle taking down game as large as deer.


Like with any weapon, safety is something that should be considered by both the manufacturer and the user.

The previously mentioned self-cocking mechanism is safer than ever, and a lot less strenuous to operate. By simply pulling down on the pivoting arm lever, the crossbow is cocked easily.

This action automatically engages the safety, which is a perfect feature for beginners who are at risk of injuring themselves (or others).

To keep the bow healthy and stable, make sure it’s well maintained. With each use, elements of the bow can wear. If you notice the string wearing down, be sure to change it with the extra provided string.

It’s also best to regularly check the tightness of the crossbow screws, as vibration can loosen them with time – and loose screws can result in damage and injury.


If you’re after an affordable bow for small-game hunting or for target practice, it’s definitely worth considering the Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow.

It’s a perfect starter bow for beginners, and a budget-friendly choice of bow for experienced bowmen.

Have you tried any Ace Martial Arts Supply crossbows yet? If you have, what do you think of them?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share our review with your friends.

Happy hunting!

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