Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight

Review Last Updated: May 7, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Pin orientation - Reticle sight
  • Number of pins - Reticle sight
  • Pin diameter - Reticle sight
  • Orientation - Right handed
  • Weight - 12oz


Today we'll be reviewing the Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight.

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  • Adjustable windage
  • Illuminated
  • Good crossover for rifle hunters


  • Heavy
  • Pins are still king

Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight Product Review

Apex Gear has provided a rifle-style dot sight for bow archers with the PWR-Dot Sight. A good crossover for hunter’s already used to using rifle scopes; the Covert Pro can help aid in the transition.

Adjustable for windage, if you have the skill level, the Covert Pro boasts an illuminated dot in the center of the reticle, enhancing accuracy even in low light settings. Additional lenses can be purchased for the Covert Pro, giving up to 2x zoom for improved distance shooting.

It should be worth noting that unless you are comfortable with dot-style sights that the PWR-Dot Sight may not be the smoothest transition for you. Unless you are competent with a mil-dot style reticle, you are going to have a difficult time adjusting for distance, and in my opinion, pins are still king for bowhunting.

Some users have also noted that while the Covert Pro is solid in hand, it comes at a price, with the unit being nearly 4x heavier than some comparable models.

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