Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow

Crossbows are available in a range of shapes and sizes, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Choosing the right crossbow begins with deciding on the type of design that you prefer. This decision will be based on your hunting style and game size.  The Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow is a great and secure choice for juniors!

Using a crossbow is a popular tool for archery and hunting! Although the Youth 30 Compound Crossbow looks small, it’s mighty in performance. Check out more crossbows for kids here.  

Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow

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The Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow is the perfect starter bow for those who aren’t ready for a bigger crossbow, but don’t want to use a plastic crossbow either!

According to its website, Barnett is the world’s No.1 producer of crossbows due to its focus on safety, precision, and performance.


  • Perfect starter model for juniors
  •  Light draw weight
  •  Extendable stock and finger guides
  •  Plenty of options for color, velocities and draw weights
  •  Easy to assemble


  •  Not suitable for more advanced bowmen
  •  Fragile arrow retention

Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow Product Review

This is the best youth crossbow with crank, and it’s specially designed to make your junior feel as safe as possible while still delivering the same effectiveness as you would get from using an adult crossbow.

The draw weight is adjusted down to 30lb, which is ideal for a youth who’s starting out in archery or hunting.

With such a light draw weight, every junior learner is capable of learning to cock the crossbow without having to use extra accessories.

The Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow is equipped with fore-grips and is, therefore, a fantastic way of teaching kids the correct way to hold a crossbow.

The fore-grips will remind them about the correct placement of their hands to get the most accurate shot on their target.

The Youth 30 has an adjustable butt pad that allows kids to adjust the sock according to their height.

This crossbow has most of the same features as a full-sized crossbow. It also contains a rope cocking device that reduces the draw weight, a red dot scope, and 3 bolt quivers.

Additionally, the cocking device lowers the 30lb draw weight to a mere 15lbs that can reach 140 feet per second. This is impressive, considering its size!

However, it’s important to mention that if you’re using this crossbow for hunting, you need to check the regulations in your area due to the lower draw weight which could potentially make this crossbow illegal for hunting.


  • Speed: 140 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 30 pounds
  • FPKE: 17 ft-lbs
  • Size: 34.25 x 18.2 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Power Stroke: 12.50 inches
  • Type: Compound Crossbow
  • Safety: Automatic Safety
  • Cocking: rope cocking


The Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow has been designed to make juniors feel safe while helping them to learn useful techniques for hunting and archery.

If you’re a junior or if you’re shopping for one, we highly recommend you give this crossbow a try!

Remember, if you’re using this crossbow for hunting, you need to check the laws and regulations in your area because the low draw weight could make this crossbow illegal for hunting.

The arrows that are included with the Barnett Recruit Recurve are suitable for target archery but may not be suitable for hunting.

In the unlikely event of mechanical failure, Barnett crossbows are covered under a 5-year limited warranty and the Barnett customer service team is knowledgable and friendly.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that any complaints or queries will be handled professionally.

Overall, the lightweight design will help beginners to build muscle strength. Plus the Barnett Youth 30 Compound Crossbow stands out amongst online reviewers as a robust and affordable weapon from a reputable brand.