Bear Archery Species RTH

Searching for the best hunting compound bow can at times be a seemingly impossible task, the market is full of a vast array of options.

The Bear Archery Species RTH is certainly a premium option bow, it does feature many high-quality aspects, but it will set you back a higher fee than many similar models. 


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Furthermore, this bow isn’t great for youngsters, as it features a larger bow with a higher weight than many other models available.

Let’s take a look at the Bear Archery Species RTH and see what its all about then, we hope you enjoy our review!


  •  Simple set-up provides overall convenience
  •  High velocity makes this an excellent choice for experienced hunters
  •  Vibration and noise silencing technology
  •  Excellent construction
  •  High quality Trophy Ridge kit included
  •  Smooth single cam system


  •  Too heavy for beginners
  •  High price range
  •  Some reviews report that the cable slide feels cheap and doesn’t match the quality of the rest of its components

Bear Archery Species RTH Product Review

The Bear Archery Species RTH is ideal for hunting, this model is capable of projecting arrows at 320 feet per second via a single cam system. The benefit of the single-cam system is that it tends to create less noise than the dual cam systems.

While the bow isn’t completely silent, you’ll find that it makes a lot less noise than the dual cam models available on the market.

When it comes to material and design, the manufacturers have taken no short cuts. The design is mainly comprised of aluminum. The riser features a special alignment system that helps to ensure the protection of the limbs and improve stability.

The Bear Archery Species RTH draw can be adjusted between 55 and 70 pounds, which isn’t ideal for younger users, however, this bow has clearly been designed to cater to adult hunters.

From one axle to the other, this bow measures a long 31 inches, which makes it ideal for more experienced hunters. At 4lbs this bow is one of the harder bows to manipulate but should be fairly straightforward for experienced users.

Within this Ready to Hunt package you’ll receive the following items:

  • Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
  • Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver
  • Peep Sight
  • Nock Loop

The Bear Archery Species RTH doesn’t come with arrows, however, this gives you the chance to buy the perfect arrows to match your bow. We recommend buying 30-inch long carbon arrows to help enhance your hunting experience.

Two colors are available for this model, these consist of a Realtree Edge and True Timber Kinati. Both of which feature camo designs to help you blend into your surroundings effortlessly.


Overall, the Bear Archery Species RTH is an excellent choice if you’re an experienced hunter and have a generous budget.

Admittedly, the Bear Archery Species RTH will not be for everyone, its premium price and lack of user versatility may put off some buyers.

Despite this, this bow is of high quality and will ensure you have a productive hunting experience. Just remember to buy some arrows to accompany the bow.

What do you think of the Bear Archery Species RTH?

We hope you enjoyed our review!