Bruin Attack Recurve Crossbow

Review Last Updated: March 10, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert


Today we'll be reviewing the Bruin Attack Recurve Crossbow.

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  • The product has an incredibly lightweight design
  • Features an anti-dry-fire trigger
  • The product comes with a detachable quiver
  • The grip of the Bruin Attack bow is comfortable and easy to use


  • All of the bells and whistles on this product might not be necessary for a beginner, so be sure to assess your own needs

Bruin Attack Recurve Crossbow Product Review

The Bruin Attack 265 product is another super affordable crossbow and one of the best recurve crossbows for hunting at a reasonable price. The product comes with numerous accessories and an adjustable length feature, which ranges from 30.5 to 33 inches.

This crossbow is great for beginners because you can use it straight out of the box. Additionally, this bow features a fast-release quiver, an accurate scope, numerous bolts, and a cocking rope.

The Bruin Attack also comes with an exchangeable retention spring, a comfortable AR grip, and an adjustable buttstock. All of these features make this bow an outstanding product for beginning hunters.

The bow is capable of firing at a rate of approximately 250fps and features three 16-inch aluminum arrows, which further increase the product’s value for the cost.

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