Carbon Express Maxima Red

Review Last Updated: March 12, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Concentric Design
  • BULLDOG Nock Collar
  • Diamond Weave Composition
  • Matched Set


Today we'll be reviewing the Carbon Express Maxima Red.

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  • Dynamic spine control
  • Launchpad precision nock
  • Laser checked for straightness
  • Controlled arrow release
  • Budget-friendly


  • Box came a pretty damaged, the arrows were fine on the inside

Carbon Express Maxima Red Product Review

The Maxima Red carbon arrows are designed by Carbon Express with a state of the art design and are specifically aimed at providing enhanced broadhead accuracy and performance.

The shaft straightness is laser measured and sorted to a tolerance zone of only +/-0.0025 inches. The efficient spine is controlled to the point that only 2 spine sizes are required to meet draw weights from 40 to 81 pounds. 

The nock collars make them a great choice because you can put these arrows through significant wear and tear and the collars will provide protection to the nock.

Other great attributes on these arrows are the Blazer vanes, BullDog collars, and LAUNCHPAD nocks.

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