Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly

Review Last Updated: March 14, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert


Join us for our review of the Excalibur SMF Grizzly Crossbow.

If you identify as a bowhunter and you’re looking for the best crossbow on the market, you’ll know just how crowded that market is.

That’s why here at Archery Edge, we’ve explored some of the best crossbows out there to entertain bowhunting and other bow sports and activities.

We hope after checking out our reviews, you will have newfound confidence to make that all-important decision. First, we recommend confirming your budget and what you want from the bow before finalizing any purchases.

Please stick around for more information on the Excalibur SMF Grizzy Crossbow.


  • Compact size, which provides for simple use in small spaces
  • Lightweight and balanced construction
  • Comprised of four bolts and an attachable quiver
  • Very simple to put together directly out of the box
  • An adjustable scope is included with each purchase to improve the accuracy of the bow
  • Excellent value for money


  • This product’s rails are not composed of aluminum, featuring a composite construction instead

Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly Product Review

Excalibur is a trusted company within the bowhunting industry, known for providing some of the most efficient, reliable and accurate hunting crossbows available on the market.

That said, a product can’t always hide behind its brand’s reputation, does the Excalibur SMF Grizzy Crossbow have what it takes to assist you on your next hunt? Let’s find out.

The Matrix SMF Grizzly provides all the functionality we’ve come to expect from the Matrix line, and at an affordable price. It is manufactured as a lightweight alternative to be used when hunting, and it uses the same CRT (Carbonlite Riser Technology) as its sibling models.


Arrow length: 18-inches
Arrow weight: 350 gr+
Arrow speed: 305 FPS
Draw weight: 200 lb

Excalibur’s Matrix series is known as an expensive range, but the Matrix Grizzly means people from all backgrounds can enjoy tons of speed for any game without breaking the bank.

It provides users with an 18-inch arrow with a speed of 305 FPS, which is plenty of speed for any game across North America. The Grizzly uses an efficient 200-pound CRT limb set that is a mere 30-inch wide.


The Grizzly possesses an excellent thumbhole stock design, made from a sturdy polycarbonate material, which ensures robustness even in a lightweight package.

Compared to other compound crossbows with convoluted mechanical parts, Excalibur has used a recurve design for the Grizzly. A recurve design ultimately reduces the amount of wear and tear, and therefore the overall maintenance required for a longer life span.

Included Accessories

You will find the following accessories included with the Matrix SMF Grizzly crossbow:

  • Deadzone scope
  • Mountable quiver
  • 4×18-inch arrows
  • 4×150 gr field points
  • Rope cocking mechanism

As a whole, the quality of the accessories included with this purchase is high. The accessories help to make the crossbow compatible with many new activities that crossbows are used in, whether that be games or hunting.

The Deadzone scope will enable bowhunters to entertain a range of situations, and its velocity can be adjusted.

It also includes four 18-inch Diablo arrows, which are suitable for most target and bowhunting circumstances. If you replace or add more arrows, we recommend sticking with 18-inch arrows, as 20-inch bolts result in an overhang occurrence.

Ease of Use

Excalibur has provided consumers with a sophisticated crossbow brought to you in a neat and tidy package, and with a weight of only 5.5 lb, it holds a relatively compact design and can be used by people of different builds and frames.

These properties have made the Grizzy a popular choice for younger bowhunters, and those with a smaller frame. So, if you’re looking for a crossbow with a reduced size, the Grizzly model might be a potential investment.


This crossbow is clearly suitable for a younger audience, therefore safety needs to take the front seat. The Grizzly uses a manual safety mechanism, which is expected on most Excalibur crossbows.

The more training bowmen have, the safer the crossbow will be to use. Bowmen would be wise to practice proper trigger discipline and be extra cautious about the lack of auto-safety.


Overall, the Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly isn’t the most powerful crossbow on the market, but it can entertain big games.

It is, however, an excellent addition for young bowmen who are looking for the right model to enhance their skill and overall performance.

You can find this crossbow on the market at an affordable price compared to its competitors, and Matrix sibling products. It has an attractive price tag that will entertain restricted budgets and a perfect choice for parents looking to elevate their children’s level of expertise.

We didn’t appreciate the absence of a REDS (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) vibration dampening. However, it serves as a base platform for the Grizzly to be improved upon and upgraded over time.

What is your take on the Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly?

Please let us know in the comments below, and if you have any suggestions for future topics or reviews, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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