Excalibur 355 Crossbow

Review Last Updated: March 14, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Realtree Xtra Finish
  • Matrix 355 3500 Realtree camo w/tact-zone
  • 355 FPS velocity
  • 12.2 inch power stroke


Today we’ll be taking a look at the Excalibur 355 Crossbow.

With its overcrowded market, it can be overwhelming finding the best crossbow to fulfill your needs. There are many brands and different features to dissect before making your final decision.

That’s where we come in, here at Archery Edge, we review the best crossbows in today’s market to assist you on your search. We do the hard part, as our reviews are based on in-depth research and analysis.

We hope after checking them out, you’ll find the best crossbow for you, and if not, we are confident you will know what you want in a future crossbow purchase.

Excalibur is a prominent provider of some of the best high-end crossbows on the market, but will the Excalibur 355 Crossbow impress you? Let’s find out!

Please stick around to find if it has what it takes to be added to your cart.


  • One of the best products available at this price point
  • Outstanding ergonomics, and balanced, low-maintenance construction
  • Incredibly accurate at distances of over 70 yards
  • The product performs consistently regardless of environmental conditions
  • Includes an excellent, accurate scope
  • Works optimally for dedicated hunters, but is also suitable for users who want to use the bow for target practice
  • The bow consists of four additional durable arrows


  • Lacks an anti-dry-fire safety feature

Excalibur 355 Crossbow Product Review

If you’re in the midst of your search for the best crossbow for you, you’ll know Excalibur are one of the best providers for high-end curve crossbows and have an excellent reputation within the archery industry.

The Excalibur Matrix 355 is one of the more popular models included in the Matrix series. It has been met with a favorable reception mainly for its Tact-Zone five-reticle scope.

It is specifically designed to ensure hassle-free cocking, elevate the shooting accuracy, and to improve the overall balance of the crossbow.


As expected from an Excalibur piece, the Matrix 355 is sturdy and durable and will deliver exceptional performance through many seasons.

The Matrix 355 comes with PowerLoad limbs, which have recently proven to be more durable than regular limbs on the less expensive crossbows. As well as this, the Ergo-grip stock design brings quality to its use. It includes a fresh hole where your thumb is easily placed, and the finger guards and rubber-grip design improves grip.

Most of the Matrix series tend to be on the heavier side, and most of the weight on this model is distributed in the rear of the crossbow, which makes it easier to hold and provides comfort for long-winded hunting.

Excalibur is mindful when constructing its crossbows, and it is more evident with the Matrix 355, as they have successfully improved the structural pattern of this crossbow compared to other curve crossbows featured in The Matrix series.

If you opt for this model, you will find the string always manages to stay clear of the rail, which will ultimately increase the string’s life span. The best way to reduce the vibration and volume further is to invest in a pair of Excalibur R.E.D.S. Suppressors, which are exclusive to the Matrix models.

The Tact-Zone five-reticle scope is the standout feature of the Matrix 355, as it is prominent in exterior yet requires very few adjustments. It is straightforward and easy to use, with the top-most reticle starting at 20 yards, and the rest of the reticles are naturally followed at 30, 40, 50, and 90 yards.

It can be used in a range of climates and can work well in poorly-lit conditions because it is an illuminated scope. Illuminated scopes usually add red or green dots in the center of each reticle, which increases its visibility and, therefore, accuracy and overall performance.

Included with the package:

  • The Excalibur Quad-Loc riser, limbs and stirrup
  • The Ergo-Grip assembly stock
  • Tact-Zone five-reticle scope
  • 4x Diablo 18-inch carbon arrows (350 grain)
  • 4x field points
  • 4 Arrow quiver with mount
  • All screes and hex key
  • Rope cocking aid
  • String lubricant
  • Assembly and care booklet
  • Instructional DVD (bonus!)
  • Excalibur’s limited lifetime warranty


Overall, it is clear to us why the Excalibur 355 Crossbow is one of the more popular choices within the Matrix range.

It would be an excellent addition to your cart because of its ability to entertain a range of climates and weather conditions. Its robust and powerful construction and exterior both make for a durable crossbow waiting to be used in future games or hunting.

Its dependable trigger, ergonomic design, and comfortable structure add to the overall accuracy and stability of vision to the crossbow.

You can expect to find this model on the market at a reasonable price. It offers excellent value for money, and without breaking the bank, you will gain a cost-effective, high-quality, and versatile curve crossbow.

What are your thoughts on the Excalibur 355 Crossbow? Let us know in the comments below.

Please, if you have any suggestions for future topics or reviews, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you and continue the conversation!

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