MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows

Review Last Updated: August 23, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • 100 Grain Stainless Steel
  • 400 Spine


MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows are constructed with top-quality materials, have great performance, low hand shock, and good speed!

Finding the best hunting arrow for you is highly important in determining your success as a bowhunter because they allow you to perform better, providing higher levels of accuracy which results in overall better performance!

There’s no such thing as the universally “perfect” hunting arrow because they’re constructed differently to offer specific necessary features to the archer.

For example, thinner, lighter arrows will whizz through the air and provide great accuracy while a denser wood arrow will hit your target with increased power.

Carbon arrows hold exact tolerances for spine, weight, and straightness which are perfect for taking down the toughest trophies!

Let’s jump into the review!


  • Excellent fusion between traditional vanes and modern shafts
  • Includes real feathers
  • Available in different colors
  • Useable with a bow that has a 65lb maximum draw weight.


  • Shipping may take a few weeks

MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows Product Review

The MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrow is an excellent choice for longbows and target practice!

The design of the tip helps this carbon arrow stick to the target while still being easy to retrieve from hardwood boards during target practice.

The dynamic spine technology consists of three sections with only the middle section having a ripple effect instead of bending.

This 100-grain arrow is suitable for compound bows with draw weights of around 65-70lbs and the carbon-fiber shaft means that even at 100 yards, it’s fairly easy to hit targets.

The MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrow offers low hand shock and is constructed for better performance.

Additionally, the forward end of the fletching is well-built and increases finger protection during use.

This carbon arrow also offers excellent durability and the composition offers the perfect balance for steady flight and easy extraction from the target after taking a shot.

The MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows offer deeper penetrations at high velocities, retaining the speed, precision, and consistent departure during bowhunting.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an active participant of the sport, these 100-grain carbon archery arrows provide little flex in the air which greatly contributes to the impressive level of accuracy.

These versatile arrows also come with one red and two black peltate shape real feathers that provide hunter precision deep penetration with their high kinetic energy.

Unlike traditional wooden arrows, the MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows are sold at affordable prices, with the fair price tag making it one of the most purchased arrows on the market.


To conclude, the MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows are an excellent addition to your arsenal if you’re looking for a dynamic arrow that’s lightweight, durable and offers great accuracy.

The overall build offers low hand shock, has the perfect balance for steady flights and even at 100 yards, is fairly easy to hit targets with!

This 100-grain arrow is perfect for compound bows with 56-70lb draw weights and the carbon-fiber shafts provide accuracy for hitting targets.

Additionally, the two black and one red peltate shape real feathers provide versatility and precise deep penetration thanks to their high kinetic energy.

Overall, the MS Jumpper Carbon Archery Arrows are sold at an affordable price, making them suitable for both hobbyists or active archery participants.

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