Nikon Rangefinder Arrow ID 3000

Review Last Updated: March 13, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert


Today we'll be reviewing the Nikon Rangefinder Arrow ID 3000.

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  • Slope Measurement
  • True Target technology
  • Eye-relief feature
  • Ergonomic and lightweight


  • Not water-proof
  • No magnification

Nikon Rangefinder Arrow ID 3000 Product Review

This tried, tested, and trusted brand decided to use their expertise to help bowhunters. They created their Arrow ID compact, affordable, and packed with features to satisfy the needs of any hunter.

Basic Features

The ranging capacity is from 6 to 550 yards, and the image quality doesn’t falter throughout the range. For max precision, the image will display in 1-yard increments for nullifying the guesswork altogether.

The 18mm lens is of high quality, as one would expect from such a name in the optic device business. However, there is no magnification, so you might need to take some binoculars with you if you expect to be shooting long-distance.

The unit is extremely light and compact. That, along with the ergonomic design, promises that you won’t even notice the extra weight – and, there is a neck strap, so it will always stay within reach.

However, remember that you must not submerge this one underwater. While a drizzle won’t harm it, In heavy rain, be extra cautious.

What Makes it Excellent

The ID (incline/decline) technology provides a high-quality angle compensation. It is capable of reading vertical distance no matter your angle at the time.

Additionally, the True Target technology will be invaluable in tall-grass areas.

It will delight you to hear that Nikon designed their product with a 20.3mm display to protect your eyes.

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