Rage Crossbow x 2 Blade Broadhead

​Rage is an industry-leading archery brand, well known for manufacturing some of the most durable arrows on the market. All of their products are designed exclusively with the avid bowhunter in mind, producing a range of broadheads that are suitable for most applications, no matter what game you hunt.


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  • ​ Eliminates premature blade deployment
  •  Large cutting diameter
  •  Replaceable blades
  •  Aerodynamic ferrule design


  • ​ Some users are unhappy with the color combinations


Rage’s CrossbowX 2-Blade broadheads are available in a choice of two weights, between 100 or 125 grain,  providing all the stopping power you may require.

Slowly becoming one of the more popular models among bowmen, the CrossbowX 2-Blade broadheads are built to last. With an aluminum ferrule providing weight relief and resistance against the elements, this broadhead is equipped with solid steel blades that remain sharper for longer.

Alongside its anti-corrosive properties, the ferrule has also been designed with the entire flight of the arrow in mind. Sporting an aerodynamic design that helps stabilize throughout the flight of the arrow, delivering maximum kinetic force on impact.

Not only that, but for anyone who has faced problems with premature blade deployment in the past – the 2-Blade system features their proprietary Shock Collar Technology that works to deploy your blades at the point of impact, each and every time.

A cut on contact tip has been chosen to deliver maximum penetration – with the blades deploying to a 2-inch cutting diameter on impact, resulting in a significant wound channel. The result is a blood-trail visible enough for even novice bowhunters to be able to track.

Unlike many other brands, the blades featured on Rage’s series of broadhead designs can be sharpened to prolong their lifespan, saving you dollars in the long run. However, over time, the blades will become worn or unusable through use.

Because of this, after-sale blades are available and require little to no effort from the user to replace. Many other brands either don’t offer replacement blades as an option, or their designs are incapable of having the blades exchanged – costing you more in the long run.

Rage offers their CrossbowX 2-Blade broadheads in two separate color combinations, straight orange or with a golden hue, making them easy to spot in even the densest thickets.


If you are an avid bowhunter, no matter your level of experience, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how well these broadheads perform given their relatively budget-friendly price-point. Many users have found that the Shock Collar Technology has eliminated any problems they’ve had with premature blade deployment found on other broadheads.

The ability to sharpen and replace the blades as they become worn is a massive bonus in my eyes, ensuring the longevity of your arrows and, more importantly, saving you money in the long run.

And with those blades providing a two-inch cutting diameter, enough for any game, those among us concerned with practicing ethical hunting should have their minds put at ease.