REEGOX 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts Bio with 4-Inch Vanes(Pack of 12)

Archery is a fun hobby and a valuable skill to learn, but unfortunately, it can be an expensive one.

Bolts and arrows are a necessity with archery – they’re just as important as your choice of bow. A set of bolts can set you back anything from $10 to over $100 – but luckily, there are many affordable options out there.

Keep reading for our review of the REEGOX 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts Bio with 4-Inch Vanes(Pack of 12), and we’ve included a list of the features, and of the pros and cons.


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  • ​​ Made of carbon
  •  Designed for beginners and young hunters
  •  Ideal for target practice and familiarizing yourself with the crossbow
  •  The standard point, nock, and insert make repairing and upgrading accessories a breeze
  •  Straight shooting with good accuracy


  • ​ Prone to bending


Before we delve into the ins and outs of the review, let’s give you a little background on the company behind these bolts.

Reegox Outdoors is a professional producer of the highest quality arrow and componentes for archery, and pride themselves on their wonderful customer service.

The company only uses the high tensile strength carbon fiber for the arrows, to make sure they are the toughest. In fact, the tensile strength is around 65m00Mpa!

Reegox use their expertise to shape and refine the finest precision arrows on the market, and these 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts Bio with 4-Inch Vanes are certainly no exception!

Here are the specs of these arrows:

  • Shaft length:20”
  • I.D:7.62mm(0.300”)
  • O.D:8.8mm(0.346”)
  • Total Weight: 425 grains
  • Come with target points
  • Fixed insert
  • Moon nock
  • Pack of 1 dozen

Archery can be an expensive habit. A crossbow can set you back a couple of hundred bucks, and the arrows can cost hundreds. Thankfully, cost shouldn’t be an issue with these budget-friendly bolts.

This is a set of high quality arrows that are bound to improve the speed and accuracy of each and every shot, which makes them perfect for archers of every skill level.

Archery-newbies and younger hunters are sure to appreciate the simplicity of these arrows – and you don’t have to spend a fortune. After all, there’s no point breaking the bank on a sport you may not be fully invested in yet, is there?

If you’re looking for something suited to deer-hunting, then you’ve found it with this bow. They’re the perfect size for hunting small to medium-sized game, and are durable and stable, so they should see you through many hunting sessions.

If you want to change the field points, it can be done quickly and easily. These arrows feature a standard point, insert and nock – which allows you to obtain crossbow accessories for repair/ replacement with ease.

The 4” tpu vanes are sure to give your bolt a super smooth flight, increasing accuracy – which is something beginners are sure to appreciate.

Although hunting and target practice can be extremely fun, it’s important to remember that crossbows are weapons and arrows and bolts are dangerous. The company has issued the following warnings:

  1. Always check for damage before each shooting
  2. Do not shoot against concrete walls or any hard substance. This may damage the arrows.
  3. The vanes may be bent because of long-haul transportation, but it can recover by using a hair dryer for a while.
  4. The use of an overdraw significantly increases the risk of injury to the shooter.
  5. Experienced archers who need excellent accuracy and consistency, please try another product in our store (Ares Crossbow Bolts, USA Q2i Vanes, 6 pack), which are made of 100% carbon, weighed and grouped to ensure the perfect match.


Reegox have certainly lived up to our expectation of the 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts Bio with 4-Inch Vanes(Pack of 12).

It’s common that the higher the quality, the higher the price tag – but this pack of bolts is certainly an exception to the rule.

Only the most experienced archers would be able to tell the difference between this affordable set of arrows and a top-branded set of arrows.

These budget-friendly bolts are made with durable materials, so should last you thought many target practice or hunting sessions.

Have you tried and tested the REEGOX 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts Bio with 4-Inch Vanes(Pack of 12) yet? If you have, what did you think?

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