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REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows

Review Last Updated: March 27, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Fiberglass Shaft
  • Adjustable Nocks


The REEGOX Archery Hunting Arrows are perfect for beginners who’re starting out in the world of archery!

Finding the best hunting arrow for you is highly important in determining your success as a bowhunter because they allow you to perform better, providing higher levels of accuracy which results in overall better performance!

There’s no such thing as the universally “perfect” hunting arrow because they’re constructed differently to offer specific necessary features to the archer.

For example, thinner, lighter arrows will whizz through the air and provide great accuracy while a denser wood arrow will hit your target with increased power.

Fiberglass arrows hold exact tolerances for spine, weight, and straightness which are perfect for taking down the toughest trophies!

According to its website, REEGOX is constantly evolving through innovation

Let’s jump into the review!


  • Made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber materials
  • Economic
  • Adjustable nocks
  • Budget friendly


  • Vanes may be bent on arrival due to transportation. This can be fixed with an air dryer or soak in hot water

REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows Product Review

Whether you prefer to use a recurve or longbow, the REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows are reasonably priced and great for those who’re just getting started!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a carbon arrow for training sessions, these REEGOX arrows will work great!

They’re not expensive, yet they’re reasonably sturdy and remain in a good shape, flying straight over several shoots which is perfect for beginners.

This is undoubtedly a handy set to have to help you perfect your expertise and use it as a practice kit.

These archery hunting arrows have edges that are built from a sturdy material, therefore remaining unbroken during target practice.

The adjustable nocks, like most arrows, are set in sideways. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but great quality target practice arrows, the REEGOX arrows have all of the qualities to earn a spot in your go-to list.

These practice arrows will fly straight to the target and stays intact for a long time thanks to their sturdy construction.

Additionally, REEGOX has manufactured these arrows in a number of different varieties which are all the same length and offer the same benefits.

You can choose between the carbon composite arrows that are available in the colors red and black or red and orange or these fiberglass arrows which are available in blue and black.

There are also REEGOX arrows that have 4″ turkey feathers instead of plastic vanes.

These arrows come with 100-grain field point tips, which are perfect for practicing.

They also feature press-in nocks which can be switched out if you have a different preferred option. The tips are easy to replace, providing a high quality overall.


To conclude, the REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows are available to purchase at a great price, making them the perfect beginner or training arrow!

The overall build offers sturdy edges which should hold-up strong and remain unbroken for a number of shoots.

This 30-inch arrow is perfect for compound bows with 45lb draw weights and the fiberglass shafts are designed to optimize safety for youth and beginners.

Additionally, the 100-grain field point tips are perfect for practice and these arrows also feature press-in nocks that are adjustable and interchangeable.

Overall, REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows are sold at an affordable price, making them very well suited for beginners

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