SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow

Crossbows have been a staple of war and hunting for centuries, with their aim to protect life and find food.

However, over time, society seems to have favored more modern weaponry, such as guns. While it may seem as though the popularity of crossbows will have decreased in our technological world, this is not the case.

Crossbows have developed to fit the current state of advancing technology, and while they are, of course, used for archery and target practice, they are widely used for hunting too.

With that in mind, finding the best crossbow to suit you can be a difficult task, with so many great crossbows to choose from.


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Today, we’ll be reviewing the SA Sports Recurve Fever Crossbow. SA Sports are a brand well-known for its high-quality outdoor gear, at a budget-friendly price. But will this crossbow perform as well as its competitors?

Let’s take a look in more detail!


  • Great safety features
  •  Budget-friendly
  •  Shoulder sling is great for portability and comfort
  •  The product package includes everything that you’ll need to get started hunting with this bow
  •  This item is affordable compared to a similar product, and an excellent option for new recurve crossbow users


  •  Some users have expressed that when bolts are fired in quick succession the accuracy is poor.
  •  The bolts that are included with each purchase are not durable

SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow Product Review

Fever Crossbow Performance

Whether you’re new to the world of archery, or you’re looking to start shooting for the first time, it’s important that your crossbow can shoot fast and accurately.

The Fever Recurve crossbow from SA Sports does exactly that. It is ideal for both beginners and veterans of the sport and comes in a ready-to-shoot package so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Using The Fever Crossbow for Different Types of Hunting

If you’re aiming to shoot medium-sized game, such as deer and antelope, then this might just be the crossbow for you. With an arrow speed of 240 FPS, and featuring 50 foot-pounds of kinetic energy with a 380 grain bolt, so it will work well for shooting these kinds of animals.

The bolts that come in the box are suitable for shooting small to medium-sized game, but if you did want to hunt for larger animals, then you’ll need to invest in upgrading the bolts.

This crossbow is great for shooting within approximately a 30-yards range if you want to achieve optimal results when targetting medium-sized animals. This is in ratio to the powerfulness of the bow itself, as it is not built for shooting particularly large game.

It features a 4×32 Scope, which has markings that help you to zero in the bow from various distances. While the Scope isn’t the most advanced one we’ve encountered, it will work well, especially if you are already a relatively experienced archer who knows their way around a crossbow. If you’re a beginner, it does the trick, without being too complex to use.

Safety and Comfort

It goes without saying that safety is crucial when using dangerous weapons such as crossbows.

SA Sports have got you covered in this department, with their excellent safety features. They have included an ambidextrous Auto-Safety mechanism. This works by the rope cocker automatically engaging once cocked, which prevents you from accidentally misfiring and potentially causing serious harm.

The stock features a skeletonized design, along with a handy fore-grip, so you can hold the bow comfortably and safely. As you may be holding the crossbow for a long period, this is extremely important, and will make a huge difference to your overall experience of using the bow.

Crossbow Weight & Storage

As a compact and lightweight crossbow, you shouldn’t feel too much strain when using it, even over extended lengths of time. It comes with a handy padded shoulder sling, which allows you to easily transport this crossbow with ease.

It also features an integrated broadhead wrench molded into the stock, as well as a flip-open storage compartment, so you can store extra bolts here for your convenience.

Fever Crossbow Durability

This model also comes with a tube of lubricant, which should be applied to the string and the rail after around every 10 shots at the least. This is a great extra to include, as it will help to enhance the overall life of your crossbow. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping these weapons in top condition.

However, it is worth noting that after around 20-50 shots, the overall quality of the string may have decreased.

A positive aspect of this model, though, and commonly with recurve crossbows, is that they are generally quite straightforward to re-string by yourself, so you won’t have to worry too much about this being an issue.

With a sleek camouflage design, this bow not only performs and lasts well, but it looks great too. The dipped components allow you to discreetly shoot in woodland areas with ease, which is ideal no matter what your skill level is.


If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality crossbow that won’t you let down during the hunt, then look no further than the SA Sports Fever Crossbow.

It is evidently a great all-round performer, with a solid arrow speed that will give you consistently precise shots against all kinds of medium-sized game. We think this is an excellent option on the more budget-friendly side of the crossbow price spectrum.

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