SAS Spirit JR 54″

Review Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Quality maple laminated limbs
  • Pre-installed Brass Bushings for accessories
  • Strong European fiberglass
  • 3-year warranty


Finding a good bow can be difficult, especially for children and shorter archers. Thankfully, there are various models out there suitable for juniors,

Bows can be difficult to operate, and even harder to assemble, which can be overwhelming for younger archers. If you’re looking for a quality bow that’s perfectly suited to junior archers, then you’ll love the review we have in store for you today.

Keep reading for our review of the SAS Spirit JR 54″, including a list of the product features, and the pros and cons.


  • It is ideal for children
  • The draw weight goes from 12 lbs to 22 lbs which is perfect for beginners
  • It has a right-handed option and a left-handed option
  • Made of resistant wood to increase its lifespan


  • Doesn't have a wide range of draw weights

SAS Spirit JR 54″ Product Review

Before we delve into reviewing the SAS Spirit JR, let’s give you a little bit of background on the company behind it – Southland Archery Supply.

SAS (Southland Archery Supply) is the go-to for archers and hunters of all ages – you can trust that they’re going to deliver a quality bow, and have been providing the archery and hunting scene with quality bows for over a decade.

The specs of this youth archery bow are:

  • Draw Weight: 12, 16, 18, 20, and 22 LBs
  • Length: 54 in
  • Bow Weight = 3.3lbs
  • Riser: Wooden Lamination
  • Suitable for: Height 5 foot 4 inches or under

This durable piece of equipment is sure to last years of shooting fun, whether you’re at the range or in the wilderness. It can grow with your child, meaning your child could be shooting this from age 8 to 18 – it’s the perfect choice for getting started with archery.

This also an ideal option for archers of smaller statues too – if you’re a more petite user under 5ft4, then you’re certain to love this conveniently-sized bow.

Beginner bows are nothing if you can’t build on them – so we love the pre-installed Brass Bushings that enable you to add accessories on while you or your child get used to operating the bow and build your shooting skill.

If you know your bows, you’ll be interested to know this is exactly like the Spirit takedown 62-inch recurve, except obviously the size.

There are five sizes to choose from – 12 pounds, 16 pounds, 18 pounds, 20 pounds, and 22 pounds, meaning it can keep up with you as you grow your skill and familiarize yourself with your technique.

The gripper is perfect for those with smaller hands – whether the user is an older child, a teen, or a petite adult. It’s comfortable and will easily allow for hours of blister-free archery fun.

It can be a huge strain on your hands carrying around a bow for hours, but hopefully, the comfortable grip will make the experience easier for you.

Unfortunately, this bow doesn’t come with any included accessories, so you’ll have to purchase your quiver, stabilizer, sights, and string elsewhere. Although this may be inconvenient, it certainly makes for a cheaper purchase!

One thing that stands out with this bow is the appearance. The limbs are sleek and modern looking, whereas the grip has a gorgeous rustic look. You’re sure to turn heads at the range with this elegant piece of weaponry.


This is an all-round quality bow – archers of all ages are certain to appreciate how easy it is to carry around and operate.

Although it’s perfect for older children, teens and petite adults under 5ft 4 can enjoy the quality of this bow – it’s sure to make your archery experience easier and hassle-free.

Archery can be an expensive hobby, but anybody on a budget will appreciate the low price tag.

So, what are your thoughts on the SAS Spirit JR 54″? Would you get this for your child?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and be sure to share our review with your friends at the shooting range.

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