SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow

Review Last Updated: August 19, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Draw Weight - 18lbs to 34lbs
  • Orientation - Left and Right available
  • Bow Length - 62''
  • Limbs - Maple Laminate and Fiberglass
  • Riser - Pre-installed Bushing for Accessories


Archery is a hobby that requires skill, patience, and practice – but you can have an abundance of all three and still struggle without a decent bow.

It can be tough to find a bow with so many different shapes, sizes, and models available to buy on the market, so many people choose to buy off a name they know.

If you’re after a bow from a familiar company that won’t break the bank, then you’ll love the review we have in store for you today.

Keep reading for our review of the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow, including a list of the features, and of the pros and cons.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect bow for youths
  • Riser ready to accept attachments
  • Excellent novice target shooting bow


  • Rapidly outgrown

SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow Product Review

Before we get started on our review of the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow, let’s give you a little bit of background on the company behind it – Southland Archery Supply.

The company has been around for a while and began specializing in providing the archery and hunting scene with quality bows in 2007. When you buy from SAS (Southland Archery Supply), you know that the product is going to be great.

The specs of the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow are:

  • Draw Weight: 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 & 36 pounds
  • Bow Length: 62 Inches
  • Bow Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Hand: Left and Right
  • Riser: Wooden
  • User height: Up to 5ft7

Please bear in mind that unlike many other bows on the market, this bow doesn’t come with arrows, so you’ll need to purchase them separately. As well as arrows, you may want to purchase a bow rest for that added convenience.

On the brighter side, it’s usually the more expensive bows that come with extras like arrows, and as this is lacking accessories, it has a very appealing price tag.

You’re sure to love how easy this bow is to assemble – it shouldn’t take long at all. Unfortunately, the package lacks instructions, so you’ll have to either use your common sense or look online for a tutorial. Once it’s all put together, you can disassemble it just as easily as assembling it.

It’s not just easy to assemble, but it’s easy to operate and maneuver. The lightweight design contributes to its ease of use, making it perfect for carrying around with you – whether hunting game in the wilderness or shooting targets at the range.

The SAS Spirit Takedown has a sleek and attractive appearance – one thing that got our attention was the wooden riser area. It’s made from three types of wood, including chuglam, beech, and gmelina Arborea, giving it a gorgeous white-ish creamy color.

This flexible bow can certainly bend, but it’ll take a LOT for it to break. The woods used come from some of the most durable trees in Asia, so you can be sure this will last you years of shooting fun.

This is a quiet bow that emits barely any vibration, but if you’re after animals that get spooked easily like rabbits or squirrels, then you may want to purchase a silencer.

Although it’s unlikely, if you experience any issues with this bow, then you’ll be glad to know that the company behind the bow, SAS, has great customer service, and offer a three-year warranty.


This quality bow is perfect for everyone – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned bowman. If you’re at the range or in the wilderness, you’ll be on top of your game with the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow.

Not only does it look great, but it performs well and is easy to assemble and operate, so you shouldn’t have any trouble taking down the game you’re after.

So, what are your thoughts on the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow? Would you try this out?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and be sure to give our review a share with your friends!

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