Shot Stoppa Target Cube Fill Yourself Crossbow Target

Review Last Updated: August 23, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert


Today we'll be reviewing the Shot Stoppa Target Cube Fill Yourself Crossbow Target.

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  • Versatile-each cube face provides a different experience, including the chance to practice on animal targets.
  • Light
  • Long life


  • Best suited for arrowheads shot from a short distance

Shot Stoppa Target Cube Fill Yourself Crossbow Target Product Review

This cube target is excellent for novice archers. An essential trait of this target is that you pack it with your own clothes or old rags.

It is an easy way to get rid of old things, and notably, each face of the cube is different and can provide you with diverse practice sessions. This versatility will be useful for many novice archers.

This cube is made to be durable and take target arrowheads up to 400 fps.


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