Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle

Review Last Updated: July 11, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert


Today we'll be reviewing the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Easy to use and draw with
  • Fold back feature keeps it out of the way when not in use
  • Great trigger accessibility and tension adjustability
  • Sturdy hook and connector bridge
  • Hook style easy to set, offers tights and better groups
  • Little to no trigger travel


  • Trigger might be too light for some archers

Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle Product Review

This release has a forward trigger design that maximizes your draw length and speed. The trigger is light, with plenty of micro adjustments.

The release is said to be torque free, and the hook is self reloading. It is only compatible with bows that have D-loop string!

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