Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Review Last Updated: April 8, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • 150 Grain
  • Blades that Deploy


If you’re looking for your new favourite crossbow broadhead, look no further than the Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead.

Today, here at Archery Edge we are going to be putting this broadhead under the microscope.

With its 2-blade design, the second of which that is deployed after making contact with the target to allow for accurate penetration, the Swhacker broadhead is easily suited to cater your needs.

The Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead is also expandable, meaning that the broadhead itself is adjustable to fit a number of crossbows, making this great addition to your hunting kit.


  • Innovative
  • Extra shrink bands


  • Inexact
  • Blades and bolt may tear up
  • May create holes instead of slits

Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead Product Review

The Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead features 2 blades, both of which are catered to different needs. The first blade is ideal for penetrating the likes of hide and ribs as the blade first makes contact with the target. The second set of blades deploys upon impact, ensuring deeper penetration and accuracy.

The kit comes with a practice head, allowing you to adjust and get used to using the product before using in real life hunting situations. The kit then has a further 3 blades, making this an idea kit if price is something you wish to take into consideration. Some customer reviews have stated that they have found the deployable second blades break during contact with bone, so having three available in the kit is ideal to ensure you are never left empty handed should one malfunction.

The Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead weighs as little as 0.64 ounces and features dimensions of 7.5 x 1 x 9.5 inches, making the blade portable and easy to store when not in use.

The feature of ‘wing blades’ allows for the main blades to easily be opened during deployment and ease when passing through the air.

The anodized aluminium ferrule and hardened high-carbon steel point, work together to ensure durability, longevity and excellent wear-resistance.

Customer reviews for the Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead claim that the product offers a mass blood-trail from impact, confirming accurate target hit. But, some have reported that the broadhead often leave ‘tennis ball’ sized holes in targeted orey instead of slit-like cuts that may be more desirable to prevent mass cleanup.
Others have reported that this blade performs best at a closer range, as it provides much more accuracy.

The featured 150 grain provides you with a similar range of a brass insert, which is loss common when searching for your crossbow broadhead.

The Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead kit also comes with extra shrink bands, as some customers recommended applying two for improved focus.


Overall, the Swhacker Two Blade Crossbow Broadhead could be a brilliant addition to your crossbow kit.

With its 150 grain, long-distance shooting and accuracy is easily achievable and the broadhead is suitable to fit many different crossbows saving you money and the need to have multiple pieces of equipment on the go.

Here at Archery Edge, we do not doubt that you will love this piece of equipment and it will remain a staple piece in your hunting artillery.

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