TenPoint Crossbow Scope 3x Pro View 2

Today we'll be reviewing the TenPoint Crossbow Scope 3x Pro View 2.

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TenPoint Pro View 2 3X Crossbow Scope (HCA-097-II)

The Self Cocking Pistol crossbow consists of a lightweight fiberglass body which makes it the perfect bow for hunting small game or just getting in some target practice.

At 3.55 pounds it is easy enough to transport, and with a draw weight of 80-pound and a firing speed of 165 fps, you don’t expect it to take down large animals.

With the self-cocking system, it is the perfect starter crossbow because it is safer and far less strenuous to use. Included with the crossbow are a scope, 39 arrows, and two 80-pound strings.


  •  Lightweight aluminum tube
  •  Easy to use, sight in, and adjust
  •  Crystal clear optics
  •  Comfortable


  •  You may need to use the lowest setting at first light. The brightness can wash out the view of your target.
  •  Red or green dots are available only in low light.
  •  The zoom setting is determined by the speed setting.
  •  Does not protect against sun glare


The TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 scope is set for crossbows that shoot 330 FPS. Illumination is configured to increments of 10 yards from 20 to 50 yards.

At the 40 yard mark, there is a non-illuminated dot that is free standing. The illuminated red or green dots are controlled by a five-position rheostat to match the brightness to your shooting conditions.