Tenpoint Nitro XRT

Review Last Updated: April 10, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • 225lb Draw weight
  • Comes with bolts
  • Camo style
  • Comes with Crossbow Care Kit


We here at Archer Edge are always on the lookout for hunting products that we think would make a great addition to your collection, so when we saw the Tenpoint Nitro XRT we just knew that we had to let you know about it!

We’re going to be talking you through the Tenpoint Nitro XRT and its features so that you can establish whether it will suit your hunting needs and desires, which we have no doubt it will.

Being sold as a package deal, we will also be looking at the additional components that you will receive when you purchase the Tenpoint Nitro XRT to assess whether they are worth spending that little bit more money on.

So why don’t you sit back and put your feet up as we dive right into the review!


  • Premium quality crossbow
  • Great package
  • Very powerful


  • Premium cost

Tenpoint Nitro XRT Product Review

The Tenpoint Nitro XRT may look intimidating at first glance, but in our opinion, it is a great addition to your hunting kit.

Coming in at just 7 inches wide when cocked, the Tenpoint Nitro XRT is compact but certainly packs a punch.

With this crossbow, you can look to shoot 370-grain arrows at an impressive 470 Fps, meaning you can achieve great speed without compromising precision.

The Tenpoint Nitro XRT gives you the ability to receive impressive downrange accuracy and knock-down power every time you use it with its industry-leading 17-inch power stroke, that aims to generate speed and less draw weight.

Incorporating the revolutionary Alpha-Nock that aims to increase string-to-nock engagement by around 28%, with the Tenpoint Nitro XRT you can look to achieve a straight and accurate nock.

Fueled by RX7 Cams and built-in Vector Quad 4 Cable System the Tenpoint Nitro XRT is perfect for those looking for that fatal shot as working in unison they aim to generate extreme power and nick-breaking accuracy.

The Tenpoint Nitro XRT features a center-mounted riser, that promises to eliminate that all too known front heavy feel that you associate with traditional crossbows. This in turn will allow you to receive the smoothest shot available.

Featuring the draw system ACUdraw Pro, high end optics and EVO-X Marksman Scope the Tenpoint Nitro XRT can look to provide you with the ultimate shooting experience.

This crossbow features variable speed designs and fully multi-coated optics that provide unmatched brightness even in the lowest of light situations meaning it is extremely versatile.

As we suggested, the Tenpoint Nitro XRT is available to purchase as part of an ultimate custom package that incorporates a number of different products and accessories to enhance your use of this crossbow. So why don’t we take a look at what you will be receiving when you purchase the Tenpoint Nitro XRT;

– 3-arrow Instant Detach Quiver
– Ambidextrous Side-mounted Quiver Bracket
– 12 Evo-x Centerpunch Premium Carbon Arrows With 100-grain Practice Points
– Integrated String Stop System
– Tenpoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case
– Tenpoint Neoprene Sling
– 3 pack NAP Killzone 2” 2-blade 100gr broadheads
– Scorpion Venom Crossbow Care Kit

Given that you are receiving some really excellent additional pieces and products to maintain the care of your crossbow, we think that the Tenpoint Nitro XRT is well worth splashing a little bit more cash on.


After weighing up its features, we here at Archery Edge are confident that you will love the Tenpoint Nitro XRT.

Its expert design that incorporates features such as their Alpha-Nock and Sector Quad 4 Cable system can lead to you receiving some of the most accurate and lethal shots you’ve ever achieved.

Although the Tenpoint Nitro XRT is being sold at a premium price, we believe that given the quality and the sheer amount of components that you are receiving within the kit you will be receiving a great deal.

Be sure to let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts on the Tenpoint Nitro XRT, and share this post using our handy share button at the bottom of the page!

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