TenPoint Shadow NXT

Review Last Updated: April 10, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Integrated 320 Rotation
  • 390fps
  • 32.2 Inches
  • Integrated Sound Dampening System
  • T5 Trigger


The TenPoint Shadow NXT is next to be put under the spotlight here at Archery Edge.

We are going to be taking an in-depth look at this crossbow taking into account its features to determine whether we believe you should be purchasing it as a must-have addition to your kit.

We have previously looked at a range of crossbows sold and manufactured by TenPoint so we are really excited to see whether this lives up to their usually high standards.

Stay tuned as we put this product under the microscope!


  • Very Powerful
  • Premium Quality
  • 390fps


  • Premium cost

TenPoint Shadow NXT Product Review

Although it is the shortest and lightest model in the NXT line, the TenPoint Shadow NXT should not be underestimated.

This crossbow promises a deadly combination of speed, width, and performance that is unrivalled against other products available on the market.

Given its reasonable price-point, with the TenPoint Shadow NXT, you would be led to believe that it is less powerful and offers less precision, but this crossbow is certainly underestimated.

The integrated 320-degree rotation RX6 Cams and Vector Quad 4 Cable System can be found on other products produced by TenPoint, but are all included on the TenPoint Shadow NXT for a fraction of the price. These work in perfect unison to deliver you with optimal performance a pin-point down-range accuracy

The TenPoint Shadow NXT weighs just 7lbs and is 6.5” from axle-to-axle when cocked, making it ultra-manoeuvrable to provide you with more shot opportunities in tight shooting situations and is perfect for those wanting a light and compact arrow to take with them on the go.

With the TenPoint Shadow NXT you can also look to receive an integrated cocking device. The ACUdraw 50 SLED or ACUdraw cocking devices are built into the butt stock of the crossbow and aim to make cocking your bow a breeze.

Following extensive research, the TenPoint Shadow NXT has been newly designed to create optimal downward spring pressure on each shot, which in turn will provide you with up to 75% longer lasting strings by reducing friction.

Safety is key when it comes to hunting, so the TenPoint Shadow NXT has been designed with this in mind. The skeletal stock design features a safety-engineered fore-grip and wings that aim to keep the users fingers guarded against the path of the bowstring.

The TenPoint Shadow NXT has been expertly designed for hunting and incorporates the T5 Trigger, which is an auto-engaging safety trigger that features a consistent, crisp break.

TenPoint boasts that with the Shadow NXT you can look to receive;

– TenPoint’s smoothest trigger ever
– String latch design that works to reduce friction
– One of the safest triggers available to purchase on the market
– Ambidextrous
– Auto-engaging safety/ dry-fire-inhibitor

The TenPoint Shadow NXT is available to purchase for a lower price compared to other similar products on the market, but still comes with all of the components you should require to get straight on the field. In the package you will receive;

– 3x Pro-View 3 Scope – An 8.5 inch aluminium-tube scope that features 20,30,40 and 50 yard dots and fully-coated optics.

– Integrated Sound Dampening System – This aims to dramatically reduce the noise and vibrations traditionally produced by crossbows.

– 3 Pack Pro Elite Carbon Arrows – These 20 inch carbon arrows are fletched slightly offset and are fitted with a 68-grain brass insert, 3.5” Bohning X Vanes and TenPoint’s Alpha-Nock.


Following our analysis here at Archery Edge, we think that the TenPoint Shadow NXT is a standout product compared to others available on the market.

Given its compact and lightweight nature, it sure still packs a punch!

Compared to other crossbows available on the market and even some crafted by its mother brand, the TenPoint Shadow NXT is great for those looking for an affordable option that does not compromise on any features or power.

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