TenPoint Vapor Crossbow

Review Last Updated: March 11, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Lightweight design
  • 165-pound draw weight
  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • ACUdraw cocking mechanism
  • Machined aluminum mount


Crossbows have been a part of humanity since we could use tools – with the earliest crossbow being found in China in 5BC.

The weapon has come a long way from being made from animal sinew and wood. In 2020, companies like TenPoint are still improving these crossbows, using technology to improve speed, accuracy, and power.

If you’re an archery enthusiast, then you’ll know that TenPoint is an increasingly popular brand of Crossbow that provides premium archery equipment and accessories.

Keep reading for our review of the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow, and a guide that will help you come to an informed decision before purchasing a crossbow.


  • Super accurate shots
  • Complete starting kit
  • Easy to cock
  • Perfect for both small and large game hunting


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Can be loud when fired

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Product Review

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crossbow

Crossbows are an investment – you may fork out thousands for a quality crossbow, but it should last you a fair few years if maintained correctly.

To ensure you choose the right bow for yourself, we’ve put together a guide of things you should consider before purchasing a crossbow.

Is it Legal?

Depending on where you are in the world, you may need a license to own a crossbow.

In some areas like the United States, it’s completely legal to own a crossbow – but each state has its own laws regarding hunting with crossbows.

If you have a criminal record, you may need to check if you’re able to own a crossbow, as some laws restrict felons from handling weapons.

In the United Kingdom, you must be 18 or over to purchase a crossbow, but you can hunt with one from the age of 14.


If you plan on traveling across borders with a crossbow, always check with the airport, station or ferry terminal, to see what their stance is.

You may be required to have a license with you – so do your research to avoid a hefty fine.

As the crossbow can be classed as a lethal weapon, you’ll need to check your state/ county/ country laws to see if you’re allowed to purchase and own one. Always check the laws before purchasing!

Can I Handle it?

Always check the specs before purchasing any crossbow – the last thing you want is to spend $3000 on a crossbow, and it be too heavy or big for you to carry.

You want the crossbow to be comfortable to use. A crossbow that is too heavy or large for you to use will result in poor shots – the accuracy will be affected.

There are crossbows available especially for women, for those who may prefer a more feminine feel or those who are more petite.

There are also crossbows available for beginners, that aren’t too complicated and complex. More advanced crossbows tend to have a lot more fiddly bits and addons that beginners may not understand.


If you’re taking any medications that may make you drowsy, you must think twice before operating a crossbow. Any drugs that alter your state of mind should be avoided when using a crossbow.

If you’re unsure whether you can operate a crossbow or not, then it’s always best to check with your doctor.

Is it Safe?

Crossbows are weapons, so naturally, they can be lethal. It’s important to always put safety first when operating a crossbow! Some crossbows have in-built safety features that you should look out for, especially if you are new to the archery scene.

Anti-Dry Fire

It can be super damaging to your crossbow if you fire the bow with no arrow in place. The energy released can go right back into the bow, and cause severe damage to the axles, limbs, cams and the string.

Many modern crossbows feature a mechanism that won’t allow the string to be released without an arrow in place. This is known as an “anti-dry fire” or “dry fire inhibitor” device, and it’s always worth checking that a crossbow has this before you make any purchases.

Auto-Engaging Safety

Like on a gun, it’s best to have an auto-engaging safety feature on a crossbow for obvious reasons. The mechanical safety works just like the safety on a rifle – it’s automatically set during the action of drawing the bowstring.

Especially if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to check that a crossbow has this feature before you purchase anything.

Can I Afford It?

Choosing a crossbow is a lot easier when money isn’t an issue, but the sad fact is that crossbows can set you back anything from $50 to $5000.

A quality crossbow from a trusted brand will generally be more expensive, but there’s always going to be cheaper options on the market. For a decent crossbow, you’ll be forking out at least $400.

TenPoint crossbows can cost between $700 and $3000 but are a trusted brand with 27 years of experience manufacturing crossbows.

With the cheaper options from unknown companies, there’s always a chance it will be of lower quality. This is why you should always check the reviews from other customers to see what others think of the product!

Will it Last?

It’s a general rule of thumb that the more you spend on a crossbow, the longer it will last. This isn’t always the case, however, more expensive crossbows tend to be made of more premium materials that wear down less.

It’s important you look after the crossbow well. It may be worth purchasing a case for your bow, to keep it safe when it’s not in use.

The strings should be waxed on a regular basis so they stay strong. Apply it to the cables, but ensure you avoid the bit above the arrow rail – you don’t want the trigger box to get gummed up!

Before you use your bow, always check that there are no damages – this can avoid any casualties while using the crossbow!

After every 50-100 shots, ensure you re-tighten the bolts.

Check with the manufacturer if you have any queries on how to care for your weapon.

Presenting: The Ten Point Vapor Crossbow

TenPoint has perfected yet another crossbow. Keep reading for our thoughts on the Ten Point Vapor Crossbow, including the material, speed and safety features included on the weapon.

  • 165lb draw weight
  • 7/8-inch mount
  • 22” suggested arrow length
  • 37.4-inch length
  • 6.8lbs weight
  • 15.5-inch power stroke
  • 360 FPS
  • EVO-X Scope mounted on aluminum Dovetail Mount
  • Bubble Level
  • Cocking Device
  • Quiver – instant detach
  • Quiver bracket
  • Arrows – Six TenPoint arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • 3 EVO-X Broadheads
  • Crossbow Case
  • Sling – TenPoint Neoprene

TenPoint claims to be the manufacturer of the safest crossbows on the market, and the Vapor Crossbow is no exception.

The Vapor features an ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system, which provides silent cocking and safe de-cocking.

In 1996, TenPoint introduced the Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI) to prevent dry firing. For those who are unsure, dry firing is basically firing your crossbow without a bow in place.

This is a valuable added safety feature, as dry firing can cause numerous problems to your bow, including limb breakages.

The Vapor Crossbow also features GripSafety, which prevents accidental fires – it makes sure you have your support hand clear of the string before you fire.


Although the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow is slightly longer than others on the market, it’s a lightweight crossbow – meaning even the petite archers out there should be able to handle the Vapor.

At a slightly smaller size than others out there, this crossbow can be suited to younger archers. Don’t be fooled by its small size – for a petite crossbow, it certainly packs a lot of power!

The construction of the Vapor is exceptional – both lightweight with maximum speed and performance. What more could you ask for?

Parallel limbs ensure the product is stable during draw and release, and the carbon fiber barrel does a great job of improving the accuracy of your shot.

The bow is relatively easy to pull back, which makes it perfect for beginners. It’s a super sturdy design, although it can feel slightly front-heavy.

Speed and Accuracy

At 360FPS, this crossbow is a super fast and powerful crossbow for its size. There’s a reason TenPoint is one of the leading crossbow companies across the world – it’s because their products pack a punch.

The scope is super accurate – easily one of the best on the market. The 5×30 scope offers maximum clarity and accuracy, you’re sure to shoot your target with this crossbow.

The scope has three duplex crosshairs and five dots calibrated for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards – and can be illuminated either red or green, with five brightness settings for extra light.

The better the scope, the easier the shot – and it will definitely be an easier shot with the Vapor Crossbow.


TenPoint has hit the mark again with the quality TenPoint Vapor Crossbow. It’s rare to find a crossbow that’s super powerful, accurate and strong while being compact and lightweight.

The smaller design makes it suitable to younger and smaller archers, and as it’s so easy to put together and it’s easy to draw, it’s even suitable for beginners (as well as more advanced hunters).

At such a premium price, you’d expect great quality – and that’s exactly what you get with this crossbow. You can easily shoot arrows up to 360 FPS (feet per second) – and with a draw weight of 165lb, you’ll easily be able to take down larger game.

Whether you’re hunting hog, deer, or even bear – you’ll have no problem taking them down with this accurate contraption.

What are your thoughts on the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to give this review a share.

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