XGeek 30in Carbon Arrow Shafts, Practice Arrows for Target Shooting

Review Last Updated: March 27, 2020

Alexander Herbert
Product Review by Alexander Herbert

Product Features

  • Aluminum Insert
  • 3 x Pear-Cut Arrow Vanes
  • 500 Spine
  • 30" Shaft


Xgeek 30in Carbon Arrow Shafts are best used by archers looking to polish their overall skill level during the off-season. Primarily aimed at field archery, these arrows are not intended for use bowhunting – instead, they should be used during practice only.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable


  • Not suited for bowhunting

XGeek 30in Carbon Arrow Shafts, Practice Arrows for Target Shooting Product Review

Totally budget-friendly, Xgeek has provided the perfect solution for novice archers seeking an entry point arrow, or for more experienced bowmen looking to hone and refine their skills. Made from a composite carbon material, these arrow shafts feature a 500 spine, delivering exceptional flight stability and durability throughout use.

The composite carbon shaft is paired with three pre fletched 3” pear-cut vanes to help stabilize the arrow during flight. It is worth noting that some archers might prefer traditional fletching if you are unused to these vanes; however, many prefer them for practice sessions because of their low price point and durability.

Supplied with aluminum inserts, the Xgeek carbon arrows also boast nickel-plated, stainless steel field point tips that ensure corrosion resistance, longevity, and come in 100-grain weight.

Xgeek carbon arrow shafts measure 30” in length, and users must ensure their bow has an appropriate draw length. The shaft diameter is relatively standard for practice arrows, measuring 0.309inch outer diameter with an inner measurement of 0.244inch.

For their budget-friendly price point, these arrows are surprisingly durable when compared to similarly priced competitors. However, you must always follow best practices and check for damage before each practice session, replacing as necessary.

This rule holds true no matter what arrows you are currently using.

Target penetration has been noted as good, with easy arrow retrieval thanks to their well-designed field tips.

Nocks have been pre-installed, and arrow assembly is simple regardless of your level of archery experience. Because these arrows don’t utilize traditional fletching, the vanes can sometimes become misshapen through use, or during storage.

This can easily be rectified by soaking the vanes in warm water for several minutes. Many novice archers are unaware of this and end up wasting money buying new arrows unnecessarily.


Xgeek 30in Carbon Arrows are a perfect addition to the novice archers arsenal and are an essential buy if you intend on holding lengthy practice sessions. Considering their budget-friendly price point, Xgeek has managed to create arrows that are excellent value for money.

Because of their durability, these arrows should last you through several off-seasons of target practice – getting you ready to tag that prize-winning elk on your next outing.

It is worth noting, however, that these arrows should not be used during any bowhunting activities. Not only are they unsuited to the demands of hunting, but there is also a risk of injury to yourself.

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