What is the Fastest Bow?

Your need for speed has finally crept into your love for archery. You find yourself lying awake at night wondering, what is the fastest bow? Is there a way to enhance my archery game?

Well, there is, indeed! Fast bows allow archers to shoot flatter arrows and extend the shooting range, allowing you to hit impressive targets! While there is an increased need for accuracy, many archers crave the fastest bow possible. But how do you know which is right?

How do we avoid purchasing a slow bow that leaves us missing targets, barely able to shoot an arrow a few feet? Here we have the fastest bow and all the information you need to grab the fastest bow today!

What is the fastest bow?

When it comes to bows, some of the fastest on the market are Hoyt’s bows. Their Helix Turbo and Carbon RX-4 Turbo see speeds of 350fps, making them the fastest you can purchase!

What is the fastest bow

Their brace height is just under 6-inches to optimize draw length that not only increases energy but speed too, allowing you to reach those fastest speeds. The models are lightweight, too, thanks to their aluminum construction, making them easier for archers to handle while practicing or hunting.

PSE’s Xpedite NXT bow can reach a slightly faster bow, with a speed of 360 fps! Their bow features a reduction in vibration and noise that can be advantageous when it comes to any stealth hunting you might want to do.

While there is a faster speed here, there is a lower stabilizer mount than other bows that can be an issue for some archers, especially when it comes to accuracy when shooting.

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What should I look for in a fast bow?

When it comes to purchasing your fast bow, speed is vital. Any speed from 345 fps to 360 fps is considered a fast bow. You can expect these bows to be lightweight, weighing no more than a few pounds, but pay close attention to the material.

What should I look for in a fast bow

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that can handle any knocks during its life without too much risk of compromising on its performance. Most bows feature durable construction, but be sure to check the customer reviews before buying your bow! These will provide you with usually an unbiased review of how long the bow will last, allowing you to make an informed purchase.

It is also worth considering the weight the bow will shoot at. On fast bows, you can expect to see a weight of around 70-60 pounds. When considering the weight, it is also worth paying attention to the let-off and the draw length to ensure that the bow is appropriate for your intended use.

When it comes to fast bows, comfort is important too. The grips and weight of the bow should be considered here. When it comes to extended shooting periods, training, or a long hunting session, you want to ensure your hand is comfortable and reduce any shoulder or backache caused by a heavy bow. It’s worth trying a few out before buying to get a feel for them.

What is the fastest elite bow?

When it comes to Elite bows, their Archery Impulse 34 is currently the fastest on the market. With a maximum speed of 340 fps, the 4.4lb bow is a fantastic choice for beginners and professionals alike! It’s an excellent choice for hunting and target practice.

What is the fastest elite bow

Although it is slower than the fastest bows on the market, the difference is negligible! You will still experience fast speeds with a stabilizer that works to enhance your accuracy. The quick-shot wrist strap and its 27.5-inch draw length are added features that customers enjoyed.

Aside from the Impulse 34, their other bows range from speeds of 265-335 fps. Slower speeds can be useful for shooting animals such as deer, but if speed is your priority, the Impulse 34 is the Elite bow for you!

What is the fastest shooting bow?

The Xpedition MX-14 has a top speed of 362 fps, making it the fastest shooting bow currently on the market. The 4.2lb bow features precision forging and an aged riser design that works with the limb pocket system to ensure it remains aligned through the power stroke. There is also an HDS cam that allows you to choose between a limb stop, cable stop, or both.

What is the fastest shooting bow

The MX-14 is a fantastic choice but is not without contenders. As we saw earlier, Hoyt and PSE both have fast shooting bows that will give the MX-14 a run for its money! The difference between them is no more than a few fps, so when selecting your bow, you are unlikely to notice that much of a difference between them.

Why not consider the other factors we mentioned earlier, such as weight and length, to find the best and fastest bow for you!