What Type of Bow Should a Beginner Use?

Archery is a fantastic sport to take up. It can relieve stress, create fun, and has a very friendly community where you can make lifelong friends.

If you’re just beginning your archery journey, there are some factors to consider first. Alongside understanding the safety aspects of using a bow and arrow, you must know what equipment will suit you best.If you’re completely new to archery, it is recommended that you use or hire equipment at a club or group. This is especially important for your first few lessons. Once you have gotten to grips with the bow and have fallen in love with this great sport, it is then time to invest in a bow of your own.

Your very first bow should be suitable for you and your needs. Archery can be played indoors or outside and you should consider which style of archery is most favorable to you.

The five types are:

  • Target archery
  • Field archery
  • Traditional archery
  • 3D archery
  • Bowhunting

Along with these different types of archery, there are 4 different types of bows.

  • Recurve bow
  • Compound bow
  • Traditional bow
  • Crossbow

Crossbows should be ignored if you’re looking to become a master bowman. A crossbow’s high accuracy and long firing range aren’t best suited for a beginner who needs to learn archery basics.Beginners should also avoid using traditional or longbows until they have learned the basics of archery. The best bows to opt for if you’re a beginner are recurve bows and compound bows.

Recurve Bows

The recurve bow is well known from blockbuster movies and Olympic archery. These have two small dipping arms that curve out from the archer toward the end of the bow branch and this double curve gives the bow more power.It’s recommended beginners start with a recurve bow as it provides more information to the beginner and teacher. The feedback from these bows makes it easier for instructors to identify problems or flaws with someone’s form and technique.

Compound Bows

Compound bows look more futuristic and mechanical. These include small wheels at the end of the bow’s arms called cams. This is where the bow gets its name. Its mechanism is very useful for fully drawing back and not having to withhold all the force stored in the bow. Compound bows can cover up any possible flaws in a beginner’s technique such as their drawing and release form. A beginner must learn to execute these correctly at first. Otherwise, their form could struggle going forward. To get to grips with a bow, we highly recommend you opt for a recurve bow.

What is the best archery bow for a woman?

Over recent years, the number of women who have taken up bow sports has grown significantly and these numbers continue to rise. With millions of archery and bowhunting enthusiasts throughout the United States, women are thought to make up ⅓ of this total and this rises around 5% each year.Thankfully, archery and bowhunting manufacturers have noticed this trend and have made bows specifically designed for women. Before this, many women had to use a youth bow or a stripped-down full-sized bow. Fortunately, bows are now made to meet a woman’s unique physiology.Although women still don’t have as many bow choices as men, there are many that are ideal. The best choice usually comes down to the expertise of the bowhunter. Also, women are, on average, shorter than men so the draw length should be taken into consideration. A good female compound bow will be ideal in this situation.The draw weight should also be considered as a woman’s bow’s draw weight is usually slightly lower than a man’s. Again, a compound bow is a perfect choice for building muscle strength.The overall weight of the bow should also be considered. The heavier the bow is, the stronger you will need to be to operate it. Compound bows can be quite light and suit a woman’s strength well.If you’re beginning, you could opt for a highly adjustable bow. These are usually aimed at youth archers so only consider this if you are a newbie. Otherwise, a full-size, small frame bow with excellent draw weight and length is the best choice for women.

What do I need to get started in archery?

As well as an interest in archery, when you begin you will require proper equipment. This involves:

  • A bow
  • Arrows
  • A bow stringer
  • A finger tab
  • A target to shoot at
  • Gloves

Other items are recommended but not always needed. These include arrow rests, arm guards, quivers, and broadhead wrenches.There are also additional accessories to help improve your gear set but these can wait until you are more experienced.

That leaves the recurve bow and the compound bow for the selection of the beginner.