11 Archery Exercises For Precision & Accuracy

Bowhunting & target archery might be old-fashioned compared to rifle shooting, but it’s one of the most thrilling and primal ways to hunt. But here’s the catch: an archer needs to be in great physical condition to shoot effectively.

Thankfully, with the right exercises and archery workout, any archer can train to withstand the strain of bow-hunting & range targeting. Here are some exercises that every archer should practice. 

Before you begin. 

3 Keys To Success

Archery exercises come with their own set of physical demands that separate it from other workouts.  It is extremely important to understand that each one of these exercises enhances your archery muscles!

Before you pull back your bowstring or hit the gym, here are some fitness fundamentals that you should start with.

Get A Stretch Band

Stretching is important before any physical workout, but it’s twice as important for archers. Drawing back any bow with cold muscles can cause serious injury and can impact both your power and endurance for hunting in the long run.

A good investment to make is to purchase a stretch band. You can use it to practice your shots, warm up your muscles before archery practice or gym sessions, or just improve your form if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

You can buy stretch bands (also called therapy bands or stretch tubing) at your local archery or medical store.


Bowhunters need to be prepared for long stretches of hiking, so your cardio needs to be above average. A good cardio workout doesn’t have to be fancy. Most veteran archers use swimming as a way to build their cardio and work their upper body at the same time.

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with going for a jog or a run. Hitting the pavement will work the muscles in your lower body, which can help you keep stable footing while you’re taking your shot.


Archery should never be rushed or explosive. A clear and focused mindset can vastly improve your shooting; whereas an anxious head-space can completely screw up your aim.

Finding a balance between your physical performance and your mental acuity is the key to successful bowhunting workout – and meditation can go a long way into improving both your form and mindset.



Planking increases your body’s core strength, but it also improves your balance and gives you better posture. It is an excellent part of an archery workout!

For archers, having a stable stance is one of the key principles of good shooting – and planking can help you build all the muscle groups required for stability.