4 Archery Ranges in Colorado Where You Should Practice!

During a vacation I recently took, a friend introduced me to the sport of archery. I now have my own equipment, and even my significant other is involved in the addiction.

It was my partner’s turn to choose a vacation getaway and made the suggestion of Colorado because of a high school friend in the military that’s stationed at Fort Carson. There wasn’t any argument from me because, well, come on, it’s Colorado! Who doesn’t want to go on vacation in Colorado?

Archery Ranges in Colorado Where You Should Practice!

We loaded up our gear in the vehicle and headed to the Centennial State.

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Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range

We met up with our friend at Fort Carson, and after a quick tour of the base, we grabbed some lunch. He, too, was interested in giving archery a try and knew of an archery range directly across from Gate 5 of Fort Carson.

We purchased our State Park passes and headed to Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range. The static range doesn’t require any additional fees or permits, but if you want to use the 3D range, a permit must be purchased for an extra three dollars per person.

The park is open from dawn to dusk, and the static range targets vary in distance between 10-80 yards. The fixed range also offers a covered sun shelter to protect archers from the elements.

This park was well kept and had restrooms, picnic tables, and bow racks to add to the bowmen’s comfort.

Backcountry Wilderness Area Archery Range and 3D Range

We said goodbye to our friend, and my partner and I headed north. We stopped in Littleton, Colorado, at an archery range we found from a search engine result.

Backcountry Wilderness Area Archery Range and 3D Range

We pulled into the Backcountry Wilderness Area Archery Range a little concerned. It seemed as though it was a members-only place. We were wrong, though; you don’t have to live in the Highland Ranch Estates to access the field. It’s open to the public, but a minimum purchase of a day pass costing $20 is required.

The range also offers a variety of non-Highland Ranch resident season passes as well. The range is open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

Fort Collins Archery Association Outdoor Range

This outdoor range is very well maintained. Open to the public between hours of light that offer safe conditions; they have forty-one targets for practice.

Twenty-two targets are on a walking path and at various unlabeled ranges, allowing an archer to practice range estimation. These targets have pictures of game animals to add a little flare to the experience.

Fifteen targets are the standard practice version set at known distances between 10-100 yards. Four targets are in a FITA competition pit set at 30, 50, 70, and 90 meters. There are covered picnic areas and restrooms also available here.

The Last Draw

Colorado has plenty of activities to keep the outdoors type of person actively engaged. However, if you fancy yourself an archer and have the urge to draw a bowstring, these are some excellent places to check out. My partner and I truly enjoyed ourselves; we hope you do too. Till next time, may your quivers never be empty.