3 Archery Ranges in Connecticut You Should Visit Today!

Do you love the ocean, mountains, and forests? Maybe you prefer historic cities or culture-rich urban centers. Connecticut has all of these and more. This state is full of beauty from coast to state lines.

Connecticut is home to the CAA (Connecticut Archery Association). The CAA is host to five annual state championships. They are affiliated with the National Field Archery Association and have many participating clubs spread throughout the state of Connecticut.

Opting for a club recognized by the CAA will gain you access to all CAA- and NFAA-held tournaments and events.

This state is definitely worth visiting for avid archers and beginners alike.

PS. If you live in Louisiana, we have an amazing list of ranges here in that state.

How Many Archery Ranges are in Connecticut?

There is a massive amount of archery ranges in this state! If we listed all the clubs and events available in Connecticut, we’d run out of cyberspace.

How Many Archery Ranges are in Connecticut

For a state this size, it has an impressive offering of amateur and competitive archery experiences. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Private Clubs

Connecticut is home to countless membership-only archery clubs. Memberships are usually paid yearly and allow access to the club’s building and surrounding natural spaces if applicable.

Private Clubs

If a club has an indoor shooting range, it’s usually staffed and open during set business hours.

Often, private clubs allow members to access their outdoor areas during all daylight hours. Forest or outdoor shooting ranges are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while playing archery in its most authentic form.

Algonquin Archers INC., Woodbury, CT

Open since 1957, Algonquin Archers is a private club with 25 wooded acres for outdoor shooting. They have 10 lanes of indoor space, a 40-station field course, and a 30-station 3D course. Algonquin Archers will not disappoint with their simulated tree stands and gorgeous landscapes.

Groton Sportsmen’s Club, Stonington, CT

Founded in 1938, this membership-based club is still a highly sought-after archer’s location. It not only has pistol ranges, skeet shooting, and fishing but an archery range to fall in love with! There is a great sense of community and belonging amongst members of this club.

Housatonic Archers, Oxford, CT

Outdoor archery enthusiasts search no further. This club is based entirely around outdoor targets and shooting ranges. If hunting is a must for your archery experience, you’ll get your fix here,  with life-like and 3D targets from the tree stand. This is an archery-only club, so if you’re looking for a membership that offers a wider range of activities, this might not be the club for you.

Archery for All Ages

Archery can be a fun and exciting activity for the whole family, so knowing where to participate with youngsters is important. Luckily, Connecticut is home to multiple YMCA’s offering beginner and youth archery lessons. Some lessons will require YMCA memberships but others are open to public registration.

YMCAs like the Riverbrook Regional YMCA in Wilton, CT offer archery lessons starting at age 8.

If you have a child coming back from summer camp that has taken a liking to archery, these locations are an incredible opportunity to continue to foster their skills and interest.

Largest JOAD Programs in the US

Connecticut is home to the largest Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) programs in the entire country. Places like Hall’s Arrow in Westchester are host to camps and training programs for competitive youth.  They offer JOAD programs all year round instructors with level 1 and 2 certifications from the National Archery Association (N.A.A.), the national governing body for archery in the United States.

Pay per Play Clubs

You can always find a club that doesn’t require you to buy a membership. Clubs such as the Quinnipiac River Archery Club in Wallingford offers a daily fee or pay-per-play option.

Pay per Play Clubs

They offer equipment rentals as well. Pay-per-play clubs are a great way to test out the sport and see if it’s something you would like to invest more time and money in.

Some clubs also offer birthday or corporate party packages that could allow for a more fiscally responsible approach when testing the waters. . Party packages at Quinnipiac start for teens 16 years and up. It would be worth trying things out a few times before committing to a year-long membership.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s a trip to Connecticut’s Bass Pro Shop or Hall’s Arrow’s indoor range, this state has something for everyone.

You don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy Connecticut’s finest ranges. Almost every club has an indoor range as well. Archery is an empowering activity to be enjoyed at any age.