Archery Ranges in Louisiana You Can Practice At

Louisiana is home to many historic attractions. One trip alone doesn’t provide enough time for all the sites worth seeing.

Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, and Mardi Gras are some of the most popular draws in this southern state.

But one of the fastest-growing attractions is the state’s archery ranges. It might be unexpected, but Louisiana harbors a few dozen destinations for archers.

It’s a sport as old as time, but a quick Google search will prove that bow and arrows still have a secure place in the modern world. Louisiana’s gorgeous landscapes yield some of the best ranges for target field practice.

Archers love the sport because it presents a challenge. They must master mechanics and natural obstacles to succeed.

I could recommend so many ranges to visit, but I’ve compiled a shortlist of my favorite spots. Whether you’re a local or just passing by, these are some of the best archery ranges in Louisiana.

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Gotham Archery Range and Axe Throwing

Gotham has a five-star rating on Google and two thumbs up from me.

Gotham Archery Range and Axe Throwing

This is truly an experience-driven venue. Woodsmen decor and animal targets promote a sense of authenticity and sportsmanship on this range.

Gotham Archery Range provides lessons and indoor target practice for archers of all ages. It’s full of smiling faces, ready to answer your questions or help you rent equipment.

I recommend this spot for beginners or groups of friends. If you’re looking to host a party or day trip that goes above and beyond, this is the place to go.

Gotham caters to novice archers while still welcoming and challenging all skill levels.

When archery isn’t for everyone, you can lure your friends and family here with the promise of axe throwing. It’s a great way to let off steam and show your loved ones how fun target practice can be.

Red River Bowmen Archery Club, Inc

Another highly-rated range is the Red River Bowmen Archery Club in northern Louisiana.

RRBAC has indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as target field practice.

Active members enjoy full access to the club’s amenities.

This club has been in business for over 60 years. You can tell that club members are passionate about the sport and want to promote it across their communities.

RRBAC offers lessons and rentals. A reservation at their practice range will secure you up to 900 rounds at your own pace.

If you enjoy the driving range, you’ll like the set up of RRBAC’s target range. You’ll get to shoot hundreds of rounds at your own speed, alongside friends.

Check out this club for an amusing day of bow and arrow practice.

Bayou Bowmen Archery Club

In a state known for inclement weather and horrendous hurricanes, it’s necessary to provide indoor sports facilities.

Bayou Bowmen Archery Club

The Bayou Bowmen Archery Club knows how to make indoor archery enjoyable. You’ll hardly notice when storms stop you from stomping the fields. Their indoor facilities are large enough to shelter your entire party.

This venue is located on the southern tip of the state and mostly caters to state-registered leagues, but they are also open to groups of beginners.

If you are thinking of visiting the Bayou Bowmen Archery Club, I would recommend calling ahead. You’ll want to reserve a spot that doesn’t interfere with league schedules, as those will always take priority here.

Lake Charles Archery Club

This is a venue for enthusiastic archers looking for an outdoor experience. Their multi-level course is open year-round.

Smack dab in the middle of the southern woods, LCAC hosts tournaments and lessons on a 3D target range.

The club requires a small fee but provides plenty of perks for its members.

They have divisions for all ages and skill levels. Sponsors provide them with equipment and accessories to help members enhance their game.

More experienced archers will be drawn to this club, but they welcome newbies and masters alike.

Shooting in the Sugar State

From the bayou to the wooded northwest, Louisiana has its share of impressive archery ranges.

Shooting in the Sugar State

It’s fitting that a state with such a rich history would welcome a sport dating back 2,000 years.

There are so many worthy attractions in Louisiana. But if you have the chance, check out some archery ranges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find.