Directory of Archery Ranges in Hawaii

When I’m looking to practice archery, I always look for the best ranges to take my bow. This means comparing range sizes, target types, membership and pay-per-day prices, credentials, and more.

For a state the size of Hawaii, you might be surprised to find that there are quite a few archery ranges to choose from. Understanding what each range offers before heading out can change your entire experience and help guarantee your time and money are put into an experience that will best suit your needs.

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Here are a few of my favorites.

Everything Archery

Located in Honolulu, Everything Archery is one of the top-rated archery ranges in the state. They offer an hourly rate to use their range and provide rental equipment to those who don’t have their own gear.

Everything Archery

The range only rents recurve bows, so you’ll have to bring your own compound bow if that’s your preferred gear. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, offering private lessons for beginner and experienced archers. Keep in mind that, due to Covid-19, Everything Archery is by appointment only.

Waipi’o Archery Range

Located in the Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park just off Kamehameha Highway is an archery range for all ages. Beyond the range is an expansive park with plenty of space to run and play with the family between rounds.

Waipi’o Archery Range features 20 lanes with targets up to 70 yards away. In general, the range functions on a communal system where all participants shoot at the same time. Once everyone has fired their rounds, they collect their arrows together before resetting for another round of shooting.

Oahu’s people are enthusiastic fans of this park, especially thanks to its archery range and tennis courts.

Kapolei Archery Range

Located in the beautiful city of Kapolei on the island, this range is home to the Bushwackers Archery Club, which offers classes for a reasonable fee. The class is taught by experience and keen instructors who can pick up on small details or issues you may have when shooting.

Kapolei Archery Range

The range is not in use at all times, open only on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. With around 30 3D targets between 10 and 60-yard distances, there’s plenty to do! Reviewers have described it as one of Hawaii’s hidden gems, and I definitely agree.

Koko Head Shooting Range

While not dedicated solely to the sport of archery, Koko Head Shooting Range is sure to provide a memorable experience for everybody. The range is open from Wednesday to Sunday and offers the infrastructure for pistol, rifle, archery, and even airsoft shooting. The archery range lacks shade, but its natural beauty can’t be beat.

Koko Head Shooting Range

The range is more than suitable and serves as a fantastic way to practice. The range is unmanned, so it’s up to the shooters to be responsible. Additionally, the range does not offer target faces or rental gear. It’s strictly “bring-your-own-arm.” However, the range is longer than most, with target bales up to 90 yards away.

While not as specialized as other ranges in the area, it’s a fantastic value for a public use range with no fees.


Now that you know more about the archery ranges that Hawaii has to offer, let’s take it to the next level: competitions.

Tournaments are held at the Kapolei, Waipi’o, and Koko Head ranges throughout the year. Due to Covid-19, there are no tournaments currently scheduled, and no tournaments were held in 2020. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the seasons to come.

These tournaments come in two forms, Club and State. Club tournaments are performed between members of the hosting club. State tournaments are open to all shooters regardless of club membership.

The following tournaments take place at the Kapolei and Waipi’o archery ranges. Hosted by Bushwackers archery club and the Aloha State Archery Association, respectively.

Keep in mind these dates are not set in stone as 2021’s tournaments are still tentatively scheduled due to the current public health crisis.

Kapolei Archery Range

  • Traditional tournament, 3D target club shoot
  • Spring Shoot tournament, 3D target club shoot
  • Peter Akau Memorial tournament, Standard target club shoot
  • 3D animal marked tournament, 3D target state tournament

Waipi’o Archery Range

  • Outdoor 20 yard tournament, Standard target club shoot
  • 810 round tournament, Standard target state tournament
  • Safari tournament, 3D target club shoot
  • International tournament, Standard target state tournament
  • 900 round tournament, Standard target state tournament
  • Classic 600 round tournament, Standard target state tournament
  • Field 300 round tournament, Field target state tournament


Archery is one of my favorite sports to partake in. If you live in Hawaii, I can’t recommend these ranges or tournaments enough. Everything Archery is good for getting practice rounds in, while Koko Head is best for long-range training. If you want a bigger challenge, the tournaments are a good place to find yourself pitted against professionals who are sure to get you stepping up your game.

Stay safe and let your arrows fly straight, archers!