4 Top Archery Ranges in Montana

Montana is one of the United States’ top areas for hunting with its massive expanses of forest and mountain territory. Because of the often uneven terrain, bow hunting is extremely popular with people eager to track their game on foot.

For every place an archer takes aim, however, there is a range that has helped them perfect their shot. Montanna has many of these ranges to choose from, but knowing which range will be the best fit for you means first understanding what each offers in terms of services, price ranges, and membership formats. So let’s take a look at a few of my favorite places to hit the range in the Treasure State.

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Big Sky Archery

Big Sky Archery in Bozeman is one of the best stores in Montana for purchasing and practicing with archery equipment. The staff is highly experienced and personally use and endorse the same equipment they sell. Top that off with a state-of-the-art 3D and paper target range for an all-around smart choice in archery ranges.

Their staff is courteous, outgoing, and always willing to help. They’ll fix just about any problem you encounter and are dedicated to ensuring you will have the best experience possible. Big Sky Archery is affiliated with several leagues and archery groups, including 4H and scouts. This archery shop is a top tier location for experiencing the sport of Archery.

Extreme Performance Archery

Also located in Bozeman, Extreme Performance Archery gives Big Sky a run for its money. With a professional team of archery consultants, Extreme Performance lives up to its name, offering services above and beyond expectations. Extreme Performance offers professional fittings, a 50 yard 3D range, and a 50-yard range.

The 3D range is typically open during the shop’s operating hours, between 11 am and 7 pm. The 50-yard paper target range is available 24/7 through a yearly membership. Alongside these ranges, Extreme Performance offers high-quality lessons to beginners and even advanced methods. Unlike many archery ranges and shops that I’ve seen, Extreme Performance also caters to crossbowmen. Overall, Extreme Performance outshines my expectations in the best ways.

Flaming Arrow Archery

Kalispell, Montana has a light streaking across the sky with Flaming Arrow Archery. Flaming Arrow features an indoor shooting range, making it an excellent option for those cold Montana winters. The range is available at an hourly rate of $6 and has targets up to 20 yards away. Beyond their range, they offer an expanse of products and services that make your shooting experience easier and more enjoyable.

Flaming Arrow Archery

To start, they’ll perform an installation on your bow for free, immediately after purchasing an accessory from the shop. The staff is dedicated to making everyone who walks into the shop a better archer. Kalispell’s own Flaming Arrow Archery is a fantastic venue for beginner archers and veteran hunters.

Superior Archery

Superior is an accurate way to describe Billings’ top archery range and pro shop. Family-owned and operated, but growing larger each week, Superior Archery is a classic shop for the avid hunter. The owners have professional and personal backgrounds in archery, with nearly 40 years of experience in the field.

Superior Archery has two ranges, indoor and outdoor, that accommodate all skill levels, from beginners or youth to the most advanced archers. The indoor range has 24 lanes at 20 yards and an additional two lanes at 10 yards. Their V-shaped outdoor range is even larger with  20- to 65-yard lanes in five-yard increments between the targets.


Montana is one of the greatest states in the U.S. to hunt, fish, and spend time outdoors in general. While many hunters in Montana will choose a rifle over a bow, on account of bears and other dangers, archery is still a beloved sport in the Treasure State.

Archery is the great unifier for all peoples, and nowhere is this stronger than Montana with so many friendly and familial archery venues. I’m truly proud to be a member of this sport, now get out there archers and shoot true.