List of the Top Archery Ranges in Michigan

Michigan, the Great Lakes State, is in the Midwestern region of the United States. It’s the only state consisting of two peninsulas separated by a five-mile channel, the Straits of Mackinac.

The Upper Peninsula is the tourism hub of Michigan. It boasts various venues to choose from when it comes to archery thanks to its abundance of natural resources. Archery isn’t just shooting arrows with a bow, it’s an art form. The sport takes practice and skill and serves as a fantastic recreational activity for all ages.  PS. If you live in Minnesota, we have compiled a list of ranges for you!

List of the Top Archery Ranges in Michigan

While archery originates from combat and hunting, it’s now a globally-recognized recreational activity and competitive sport. People who participate in archery are known as bowmen or archers. At the expert level, that name gets upgraded to marksman or toxophilite.

I appreciate the workout and challenge that archery presents. Its connection to stunning landscapes and wilderness areas is yet another advantage. It’s becoming one of my favorite past-time and I’m excited to shares that Michigan is home to an abundance of venues offering scenic views, realistic targets, and countless natural obstacles.

Archery Ranges in Michigan

Archery is a phenomenal way to practice aim, stealth, and of course, safety. It’s often used as a foundation for beginner hunting. Whether you’re a novice bowman or an experienced marksman, Michigan has a range to suit your experience level and abilities in a safe and comfortable environment.

Big Rock Archery

Big Rock Archery is a full-service archery shop in the town of Taylor. Their qualified staff are experienced bow technicians providing phenomenal training classes. Big Rock’s 3D range is indoors and includes several realistic animal targets that you shoot at from a distance of 20 yards.

You can also try paper archery with 2D targets, the more traditional way for beginners to train. They also offer elevated 3D archery, in which the animal-shaped targets are set at different elevation levels allowing for a more realistic environment. Big Rock charges per-hour rates and welcomes archers of all ages. Archers can either bring personal equipment or use the rental equipment available.

The Big Rock pro shop offers specials, including free range time when you purchase in-store and a benefits program for shop members. It’s also open to the public. They have archery classes, hunter safety classes, and private lessons available to anyone.

Their hunter’s safety course consists of a two-day training for children 12-years-old and younger that teaches the basics in handling and using necessary equipment. Hunter safety is often a legal requirement when purchasing your hunting license.

Adams Archery

This range was opened in 1979 by Dick and Susan Adams because Dick was tired of practicing in his back yard. According to Dick, paper targets on bales are not an effective practice method for deer hunting. So he designed 3D, elevated animal targets to resemble a more natural setting for his own ranges.

By 1984, the Adams Archery included a bow shop and in 2002 they’d built their first indoor range. Their outdoor range is open all year and uses an honor system when the pro shop is closed.

There are an additional 30 paper and 3D indoor ranges that are available while the pro shop is open. They offer various archery classes and, to this day, operates as a family-centered business, open to the public and accepting all ages of bowmen and marksman.

Detroit Archers

The Detroit Archers club has over 95 years of experience and is both the oldest and largest archery ranges in Michigan. It has three outdoor ranges containing 28 targets with various shooting positions and distances, offering diversity and real-life situations.

Detroit Archers are the only club I have heard of that offers a groomed field course consisting of 14 stations and distances covering between five and fifty yards. Their bale target shooting range offers distances 20 to 65 yards for practicing aim and fundamental skills.

Detroit Archers also have a 3D shooting range that includes 30 different targets at varying elevations to provide the ideal hunting practice through realistic scenarios. They offer many courses for beginners and toxophilites as well as three-month-long summer camps. They provide all the equipment needed, which must be used on the indoor ranges.

You may use your equipment to practice on their outdoor courses. Detroit Archers are open to the public, and all ages are welcome. The best part of this range is the benefits offered to members and the fact that you will not be restricted to time limits as your entry fee covers the whole day.

Great Lake State Archery

Whether you are in it for fun or you’re the most competitive marksman around, there will always be ever-evolving archery ranges in Michigan to meet your needs. Above are the three top-rated in the state, but there are many more for you to visit. These ranges make for a meaningful family day trip, so get planning and enjoy the experiences right on your doorstep.