5 Solid Archery Ranges in Minnesota!

Minnesota fosters a deep love of archery with over 100,000 archers in the entire state. With such a wide community for the sport, there’s no shortage of locations to perfect your precision.

The best locations will be easily accessible and have knowledgeable staff, ready and eager to help. Minnesota’s many ranges are perfect for this reason. Continue reading for a list of my personal choices.

PS. Are you looking for a crossbow? If so, see how the STR holds up.

Average Joes Archery

Located in Coon Rapids, Average Joes Archery is the shop for everyone. Run by friendly and courteous staff, this archery shop stocks equipment from beginner level all the way to expert. The shop is equipped with an archery range and skilled teachers who will give you their full attention in private lessons.

Average Joes Archery

The range is indoors with 30-yard standard targets. You can book in advance starting at $7 per hour. Renting equipment costs $14 and comes with an extra hour of open shooting time. For an affordable experience without being overwhelmed, Average Joe’s is the place to be.

Bwana Archery

Little Canada, Minnesota has a strong option for experienced and new archers alike. Bwana Archery has some of the kindest staff members in the state, more than willing to help with any questions, problems, or other issues that come up. They offer various services including lessons, professional tuning, and an all-day indoor range.

For $5, archers can shoot their bows as long as they wait until the shop closes. You can also purchase a pass allowing you to come at any time for five sessions without having to pay each time. Even better? Bwana’s management has stated their dedication to making Little Canada a better place for sportsmen and hunters alike.

Carver Park Archery Range

Carver Park in Waconia is an expanse of beautiful greenery with everything from camping, boating, and, of course, archery. The park’s range requires a pass, unlike other archery parks around the U.S, but the pass is affordable at $6 for a full day or $35 for an annual pass.

The range is built around accessibility to children and teenagers, making it shorter than your typical open area park archery range. 15-year-olds and under get in for free and the range could be great if you’re looking to plan a weekend with your family. Camping, archery, and horseback riding all in one place can take you back to nature in the best ways.

Straight River Archery Club

The “20” Rifle & Pistol Club has been around for over 60 years. Located in Medford, Straight River Archery Club joined the operation in 1988, forming the “20” Rifle & Pistol Club and Straight River Archery Club. The club offers both an indoor and outdoor range. Use of all ranges requires a membership that typically costs $120 for annual access to the outdoor ranges.

The indoor range, with targets up to 30 feet away, is open 24/7, even when the remainder of the club is closed. Access to the indoor range incurs an additional cost of $60. Use of broadheads and crossbows is strictly prohibited while using the indoor range. Air rifles are permitted for use, however, so be cautious of air riflemen.

The outdoor range, which offers more freedom in shooting styles, is open from 7:30 am to 30 minutes after sunset. The range has targets between 10 and 60 yards, with broadhead targets placed at 20 yards.

The “20” Rifle & Pistol Club and Straight River Archery Club is a popular property for regular shooters. At this time, memberships are full until March 31st, so best get ready if you want to try your hand at this range.

Wild River Archery

Dedicated to the sport of archery, Wild River Archery in North Branch is cut from a different cloth. The award-winning sales team is dedicated to providing you with the greatest service possible. The range has 24 lanes, 14 of which go up to 40 yards, and the staff are always happy to help improve your aim. If shooting at stationary targets isn’t enough for you, they also offer a service called “Combat Archery” where you effectively play paintball with bows.


Minnesota’s archery community is thriving, with the parks and ranges adapting well to our world as it is now. Despite the circumstances, the small shops remain friendly and courteous while bigger areas such as Straight River or Carver Park still give the best experience they can provide.