Best Archery Glove

Archery can be unforgiving on the hands, especially for beginners. It can take months to build the required strength to shoot, and your fingers will also have to develop callouses; which can be a painful process.

Fortunately, there are several ways to navigate this problem for archers currently struggling on the range. Many archers opt to use finger tabs or release aids, but by far the most popular choice is gloves purposefully designed with archers in mind.

Most gloves are relatively cheap and compared to other options, and they provide a much more natural, satisfying shooting experience. Please see below for our picks of what we consider to be the best archery glove on the market today.


Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove Large RH/LH

Made from 100% supple doe leather, the Damascus DWC is a closed palm, ambidextrous shooting glove.

Fingertips are reinforced to increase durability, but it is worth noting this glove is aimed for bowmen who enjoy the tactile sensations of shooting.

A perfect glove for archer shooting lower poundage bows, we would suggest a limit of 50lbs for this glove. Any more and you are liable to feel discomfort and risk the integrity of the glove.

The glove feels excellent on the hand, and easily molds to the fingers with use. Sizes run large, and you may want to order a size lower than you usually would.


  • Luxury leather material
  • Tactile sensation
  • Reinforced fingertips


  • Not suitable for high poundage bows


ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves, Medium

ArcheryMax has brought a quality product to the market with this three-finger closed-palm design. Handmade from 100% leather, with reinforced canvas fingertips, quality assurance is high.

The wrist strapping is thick and very sturdy, while the leather is supple enough to provide comfort during long practice sessions. Fitting Is tight, yet flexible, with the leather molding to the fingers easily with use.

Oddly the glove remains tactile while providing enough protection for use with high poundage bows, perfect for experienced archers who want a more natural experience.

Like other gloves on this list, the ArcheryMax runs a little small, so you may want to consider ordering a size up.


  • Handmade
  • Quality materials
  • Sturdy fit
  • Tactile and highly protective


  • Sizing can run small


October Mountain Products Traditional Shooters Glove Large

OMP has created a long-lasting comfortable glove in the Mountain Man. Reinforced tips crown an ambidextrous 100% cowhide glove.

I consider this to be a direct competitor against the Damascus DWC, both offering a similar design that is 100% leather. The OMP gains some durability for higher bow poundage but loses the tactile feel of the DWC.

Sizes tend to run small from OMP, so it is recommended ordering a size up. If you like the look and feel of Damascus’ DWC but use a higher rated bow, the Mountain Man is a good alternative.


  • Quality leather construction
  • Reinforced tips
  • Ambidextrous


  • Size runs small and may be a bit tight


Neet 60143 FG-2L Shooting Glove Leather Tan Large

NEET is a well-known, popular manufacturer of archery gloves, and this open-palmed suede offering is one of their premier products. The glove is ambidextrous and constructed of durable suede.

The tips of the fingers are protected by a slightly stiffer leather material than the rest of the glove, making it less tactile and better suited for use with higher poundage bows.

Some users have noted that the surface area of the tip may be slightly too wide and catches the arrow on release.

Leather gloves are typically mouldable over time, and this glove is no exception. Comfort levels will rise with use, and the leather breaks in and becomes slightly more supple.

Thanks to the reinforced leather tips and quality stitching, this glove is sure to see years of use on the range before being replaced.


  • Durable
  • Ambidextrous
  • Suede material feels comfortable


  • Leather tip too wide for some


Archery Gloves Shooting Hunting Leather Three Finger Protector for Youth Adult Beginner - L

Unlike other gloves found on this list, the gloves from JKER TECH are the only ones to be made from nylon material. Because of this, they can run a little loose and are prone to stretching.

Fingertips are reinforced with soft leather, suitable for lower poundage bows used by beginners.

In our opinion, these gloves are best used by youth archers, as the material can stretch as they grow, reducing the need to purchase new equipment continually.


  • Perfect for youth archers


  • Nylon material can be loose fitting
  • Soft leather not suitable for experienced bowmen

Best Archery Glove Buying Guide

Why use an archery glove?

Gloves offer protection to the fingertips when drawing the bowstring, ready to fire. Some people have sensitive hands, and depending on the poundage of your bow, the abrasion against the fingers can start to affect performance.

If you shoot gloveless, it can take months to build up the necessary callouses to shoot for extended periods. Besides that, there is a potential to suffer nerve damage to the fingers, although that is rare.

Some may prefer to use a release aid or finger tab, which will also reduce contact with the bowstring. However, many archers prefer the tactile sensation and more natural methodology that an archery glove provides.


The first point of order when purchasing a new glove for archery is to get the correct size for your hand. Most manufacturers will have a sizing guide available online for you to reference.

Typically, you will be required to measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm and measure the width at the widest area of your hand. A good fit should be tight, but not restrictive, without being loose at the fingertips.


Preferred materials will be a personal choice, and will come down to your experience as an archer. For the overall construction, you will want the glove to be hard-wearing and comfortable for use over long periods.

But for the fingertips, it all depends on how tactile you want your archery experience to be. Fingertip material can range from thick leathers or canvas for archers using higher poundage bows, to more supple leathers and softer flexible materials.

Softer materials on the tips of the finger will provide a more tactile sensation, but will only be useful for lower poundage. Higher rated bows will need a much more hardwearing material with less flex to provide the protection you require.


While archery gloves are a relatively inexpensive purchase, you will want to ensure the product you use is durable. Gloves made from a more hardwearing, durable material will withstand many hours of archery practice.

Gloves that are poorly made, or not very hardwearing will need to be replaced frequently, which isn’t ideal.


Since you will be wearing your glove for several hours at a time, comfort should be a priority.

Archery gloves made of full leather should be supple enough to flex with the hand, with some stiffer gloves offering a softer comfort lining.


Providing a tactile sensation while offering protection with high poundage bows, the ArcheryMax is my pick for the best archery glove. Quality is consistent thanks to the gloves being handmade from superior materials.

Do you agree with our picks on this list? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow our social media platforms and if there is anything you would like to see in the future, please contacts us.