Bow Quivers – Top Features in 2021

Every archer needs an arrow holder and an accessories pocket to store their archery gear.

Quivers range from those that sit on your hip, those that position around your back and others that screw to your bow.

The stereotypical quiver is the style worn by Robin Hood. However, this is an outdated pigeonhole.

Some archers prefer a hip quiver or field quiver. The field quiver keeps nocks facing up and behind while a regular hip quiver keeps your arrow nocks facing out in front to grab.

Best Bow Quiver

So, what is the best quiver for you?

Archery Edge has researched the top options for you. The best quiver for you depends on the basis of use and type of archery being played. Ask yourself, what do you hope to achieve from your quiver?

The main intent of a bow quiver is for hunting in the wilderness. It promotes streamlines and keeps arrows close to the body to reduce outline visibility. These are great assets when trying to remain discreet.

If you’re a hunter, this article will educate you on how to find the best hunting quiver. My product list contains my top picks, alongside a thorough buyers guide.

However, if your game is Olympic style archery, reduced outline visibility isn’t a concern. 


Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Arrow Quiver, Orange/Black

The Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver has an adjustable strap and is designed to hold up to 14 arrows. Although the manufacturer states 14 arrows, there is plenty of room for another six.

The inside of the quiver is heavily padded with flexibility, which is perfect for gripping the arrows. This quiver holds 28″, 29″ and 30″ arrows and is excellent for target and 3D shooting.

The sling is boosted by a robust and durable spandex binding that provides handiness. The robust sling also secures the durability and functionality.

This budget quiver is an excellent choice for beginner archers thanks to the superb execution of basic functionality.

Alongside its basic functionality and flexible wear, it can accommodate frequent hunters thanks to its heavy-duty neoprene coating.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Heavy-duty neoprene coating
  • Fits well across the back
  • Also suitable for hunters
  • Adjustable strap for different body types


  • Would benefit from internal pockets for storage


Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Camo

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver has effective vibration reduction with a soft-touch Ballistix coating. Additionally, the Lite 1-5 has the strength of aluminum but is easy-to-carry because it’s 25% lighter.

My stand out feature on the Lite-1 5 is the quick detach system. Simply push down the little lever, twist the quiver counterclockwise, and pull back.

It takes a second to remove and is silent and rock-solid when it’s in place and mounted.

On top of the hood, there are three bright green LED lights which are perfect for hunting at night in the tree stand.

The LED lights are also great for walking in the dark because they produce no glare as they light up the woods.

When climbing a tree or hiking through the woods, you must have tough equipment. This quiver is simple and robust and hangs nicely with the arrows hanging fletch down.

The customizable mounting bracket fits the quiver lower or higher on the bow and the versatile dual arrow grippers are suitable for fixed or mechanical broadheads.


  • Quick detach system
  • Excellent for low-light hunting
  • Great for deer hunting
  • Mounts easily
  • Doesn't vibrate


  • Retention latch feels flimsy


KRATARC Archery Multi-Function Heavy Duty Back Arrow Quiver with Molle System Shoulder Hanged Target Shooting Quiver for Arrows (Black- for Right-Handed)

The KRATARC Archery Back Arrow Quiver has a heavy-duty 900D polyester fabric design for multi-functionality. This quiver is also waterproof, which is perfect for shooting in a multitude of outdoor conditions.

The large storage pockets have a high-quality zipper for security. Also, the KRATARC is large and versatile enough to hold your arm guard, arrows puller, gloves, car keys, and other archery accessories.

The largest pocket is perfect for storing your armguard.

The new Molle design system provides more space for attachments than the average quiver. These attachments could include tactical clips, tactical pouches, or a molle pouch.

The shoulder strap is exceptionally adjustable and will fit almost anyone; it’s a shame that the KRATAC quiver isn’t manufactured in junior sizes!

This quiver comes with black and grey American flag patches, but there’s plenty of room for other cool velcro or tactical patches.


  • Large storage pockets with quality zipper
  • Comes with Molle pouch
  • Available in black or camo
  • Great for crossbow hunting
  • Lightweight


  • Molle pouch doesn't have snap buttons


Kwikee Kwiver Kompound 6 Arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting - Quick Detach, Lightweight, Quiet Shooting, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity

The multi-purpose and user-friendly Kwikee Kwiver Kompound is equipped to hold a large range of shaft diameters.

This Kompound quiver is 12″ long and weighs a light 8.7oz; it also features Kwikee Kwiver’s famous quick-detach system.

Unlike other nylon made quivers that are brittle and breakable, the Kompound quiver uses a shatterproof polymer construction that’s built for durability in all climates.

The propriety Arctic II rubber grip design stays pliable in a wide range of temperatures and securely holds arrows without the fear of slips.

Additionally, the rubber-lined, foam-free headcover prevents the blades from dulling, so the arrows stay sharp and ready for use.

The Ultra-Lock system, combined with the rubber-lined hood cover, is specially designed to minimize vibrations and accidental knock-offs, resulting in a quiet, stress-free operation.

Also, the Ultra-Lock bracket mount is easy to install and provides a secure, one-handed on and off experience. This is perfect for attaching and detaching your quiver from your bow.


  • Durable in all climates
  • Head cover prevents the dulling of blades
  • Polymer construction prevents breakages
  • Vibration reduction for a quiet operation


  • Bad for case fit- sits high off the bow


XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver Training Archery Arrow Quiver for Field Tips Arrows Takedown Bow (Black)

The XTACER Multi-Function’s durable design has a large enough capacity to hold your take-down bow.

XTACER usually specializes in hunting equipment; however, this quiver is perfect for any kind of archery. Additionally, the removable 4-Tubes can easily hold 16+ arrows.

The pocket is excellent for any miscellaneous archery equipment like finger tabs, field points, and string wax. Also, the pouch is great for smaller items like Allen keys, which are usually a hassle to carry.

This quiver is a great beginner-level archery essential. It’s durable, ergonomically designed and will serve you well no matter what type of shooting you do.

The three into one quick release holds the gear secure and offers an easy dismount.

Another perk to this quiver is that it’s available for right and left-handed users.

Although the XTACER Multi-Function quiver is mainly for carrying gear to the shoot, its sleek design makes for an excellent small backpack.


  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Convenient arrow storage
  • Great for beginners
  • Available in left and right-handed


  • Too long for people under 5'5

Best Bow Quiver Buying Guide

How to Find the Right Bow Quiver

The way your quiver holds your arrows can single-handedly contribute or take away from your archery experience.

Before making your purchase, you need to understand your environment and requirements. The best bow quiver depends on the individual’s use and style of archery at play.

Olympic Style Archery

Olympic style archery involved holding up an aimed shot for extended periods; therefore, added bow weight is counterintuitive.


Any hunter can benefit from using a quiver. Quivers allow an archer to make stealthily arrow changes, which is perfect for crucial hunting situations.

How to Choose a Bow Quiver

It’s time to break down the technical jargon; these are the features that you need.

Vibration Isolation

The vibration isolation feature eliminates the noise or tremor between the bow and quiver.  This feature is necessary for steady and secretive shots.

Are you shopping for a new quiver for hunting? I suggest you look for a product that utilizes vibration isolation. While comparing quivers, search for rubber-lined hood covers.

Quiver Capacity

The general rule is the more arrows that your quiver can hold, the better. However, if you’re shopping for a junior, they’ll likely need to carry smaller arrows, therefore, requiring less capacity.

Traditional hip and back quivers carried as many arrows as possible. However, modern bow quivers can be limited to 3, 4, 5, or 6 arrows. It’s believed that fewer arrows on a bow quiver are better because fully loaded arrows are heavy. Heavy equipment is terrible for hunting situations.

Before you choose your quiver, check the measurements. If you’re an adult under 5’5, consider purchasing a junior quiver with a larger arrow capacity.


A fantastic quiver is suitable for left and right-handed usage, and they must be able to adjust to your different bows. New models boast flexibility and ease of use. Before making your purchase, check customer reviews, and product statistics.


Check that your quiver can resist tough terrains during hunts and games. The materials used to build your quiver must be long-lasting and are also unlikely to fall apart during a hunt or archery tournament.

Some excellent durable materials to look out for are waterproof heavy-duty polyester, heavy-duty neoprene, shatterproof polymer, and Ballistix coatings.

Quiver Tubes

Some contemporary quivers have tubes inside the quiver. The tubes keep your arrows organized and easy to grab in hunting situations. Additionally, the tubes prevent your arrows from rubbing together and dulling.


If you have a lot of archery or hunting accessories, seek a quiver with at least one exterior additional pocket for storage. The pockets are great for storing small and “easily lose-able” items like Allen keys, string wax, range finders, arrowheads, bow releases, stringers, and the worst thing to lose; car keys.


The perfect solution for hunters and archers that need to keep their arrows protected from the elements are quiver lids. Lids are sold in a wide selection of colors including several camo choices.

Types of Bow Quivers

There are three different types of bow quivers. These are back quivers, hip/side quivers, and bow-mounted quivers.

Bow Mounted Quivers

These quivers are light, practical, and make it fast and easy to load your bow.

Additionally, they’re quiet because the bow mounting provides noise and vibration cancellation.

Bow mounted quivers are ideal for field and hunting. However, they provide limited space of 5-6 arrows. If you’re practicing at home, I recommend opting for a quiver with a larger arrow capacity. Otherwise, you’ll be going back and forth to re-attach your arrows.

Back Quivers

The back quiver is comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for those that require a simple quiver to use while practicing at home.

Back quivers have plenty of space for arrows and often come with removable tubes to prevent your arrows from clashing and dulling.

Don’t worry about the additional weight; the thick strap offers enough support to prevent back strain.

The negative of back quivers is that the repetitive movement to reach for a new arrow can cause arm ache. Although the gestures small, it becomes tiring when performed regularly.

Fatigue affects mostly target shooters. If you’re a field shooter or hunter, a back quiver is a comfortable alternative.

Hip Quiver

Hip quivers are popular amongst archers because they’re easy to carry, and they make arrows easy to grab.

The benefit of the hip quiver is the ease of use because the arrows are beside your hand, resulting in effortless movements that save energy.

Another significant feature is that you can see how many arrows are left. There’s no need count or feel on your back for the remaining number. This is positive because you can see whether any of your arrows have any damage such as broken fletchings.

The negative is that hip quivers stick out and make noise. The wearer must be aware of their quiver to make sure they don’t accidentally poke other players.

Hip quivers are not hunters, a good alternative is field quivers.

Field Quivers

The field quiver looks similar to hip quivers, but the main difference is that they point in the opposite direction.

The main benefit is that the arrows don’t face forward, which means that you won’t bump into things around you. The last thing you want to do is accidentally hook yourself to a tree or a person.

The drawback to field quivers is that you can’t see the arrows without bending the quiver against you.

Advantages of Using a Compound Bow Quiver 

You will reap the following benefits from investing in a first quality bow quiver.


The ease of retrieving arrows from a quiver whenever they’re engrossed in a game or hunting is crucial for every archer. Using a quiver allows the user to grab your bow and arrow promptly. The quiver is convenient and makes transportation easier.


Detachable quivers are removable from the bow and don’t require the hunter to waste time manually unstringing while in treestands.


It’s time for me to share with you my top picks for the best bow quiver.

Yes, I said products.

I know. Usually, I only choose one.

Hear me out; I think it would be wrong to NOT choose the best hunting quiver and the best archery quiver.

I’ve chosen the Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver as my hunting quiver favorite! I enjoyed the sturdy yet lightweight feel, and the quick detach system. I was impressed by the silent application, sturdy mounting, and rapid detachment.

The Lite 1-5 quiver is perfect for climbing and hiking because it’s robust, quiet and hangs nicely with the arrows hanging fletch down.

Next up, my archery pick.

The KRATARC Archery Back Arrow Quiver is an exceptional choice.

The KRATARC quivers made from a high-quality, heavy-duty 900D polyester fabric. Therefore; providing waterproof protection for various conditions and terrains.

Also, the new Molle design provides an exterior pocket for your archery accessories, including items as big as your armguard.

I want to give the Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver an honorary mention. This quiver is affordable and perfect for juniors. Also, if you’re under 5’5, I suggest you consider this option.

Don’t worry about space, there’s plenty of room for adult arrows, and it’s suitable for use during hunting.

Do you agree with my choices for best bow quiver and did you enjoy this round-up review?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

See you soon!