Best Beginner Compound Bow

Today, we will assume you’re a complete novice in archery. We will start with the absolute basics and explain everything you need to know about compound bows, as well as give you a few recommendations on the best beginner compound bows of our own.

The particular model you choose will probably change as you gain years of experience. I still remember holding my first bow, even though I went for something much more complicated after several years of practice.

Having spent years practicing archery, I still find myself learning new things quite often. However, the basics are straightforward and may enhance the experience of any prospective archer.

After we give you a rundown of beginner compound bow information, we will recommend five bows that have proven themselves worthy of any beginner during the first stages of their learning experience. However, choose one of them, and it may last you for longer than you may imagine.


RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit: LIMBS MADE IN USA | Fully adjustable 24.5-31 Draw 30-70LB pull | Up to 315 FPS | WARRANTY & 100% 30 day GUARANTEE | 5 Pin Lighted Sight, Biscuit Rest | W STRING STOP

Predator Archery created this kit to eliminate guesswork for prospective bow hunters. It is easy to adjust for your particular needs and can be used for target shooting if hunting is not your cup of tea.

As they built this one with beginners in mind, not a lot of variety comes in the kit. Besides the bow itself, you will get the pin sight, stabilizer, Allen wrench, and a rest.

The draw weight ranges from 30 to 70lbs, meaning that most archers will find the correct draw weight for themselves. The draw length ranges from 24.5 to 21 inches and is easy to adjust by hand – you might even share it with a shooting partner!

Being aimed towards bowhunters, this bow generates up to 315 feet per second, which is an impact high enough to make that shot deadly.

The entire bow consists solely of aluminum, even the risers, and cams, eliminating easily breakable plastic that tends to come with more affordable bows. The limbs consist entirely of fiberglass (hint: this is excellent news).

As we mentioned, you will get a pre-installed stabilizer inside the kit. That, along with a suppressor, give you a quiet action helping you go unnoticed in the woods.

The fiberglass limbs allow for high impact compared with the little force applied by the shooter – meaning you don’t need to worry about being strong enough to use the bow!

After 30 days, if you’re not happy with your product, you can get a full refund. This benefit isn’t explicitly related to the bow quality but does alleviate some of the pressure comes with a new purchase.

The add-ons, primarily. As you probably noticed, not a lot comes in the kit, and if you’re looking for something particular to up your game, you will need to customize.

You will get no arrows, either, which to an extent justifies the affordability of the product.


  • Comes with a stabilizer
  • Zero plastics design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Excellent for bowhunting


  • No arrows in the kit


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand

This bow is a favorite among archers and features a design to cater to beginners; however, it will still be suitable once you reach the intermediate skill level (even though it’s called ‘Pro’). It works for both bowhunters and target archers.

The draw weight and draw length range on this one is incredibly broad.

Draw weight goes from 5lbs all the way to 70lbs! This versatility implies that almost any archer will find it fitting, but also, as you develop strength, you may increase the weight without having to make another purchase.

The draw length ranges from 13-31 inches, meaning that this bow is suitable for most archers.

Plus, weighing only 3.2lbs.

This model features smooth-operating twin cams, and can generate up to 310 fps of arrow speed – which will more than suffice until you become a professional large game bowhunter!

We have mentioned the adjustability already, but it indeed makes the Infinite Edge stand out from the crowd.

Besides that, this model is extremely beginner-friendly.

Having said that, some of the accessories are not of the highest quality. It holds especially true for the capture rest, which you may end up replacing for one with higher precision.


  • Super versatile and adjustable
  • Comes with a pre-installed stabilizer of high quality
  • High-end twin cams
  • Beginner-friendly


  • May need tuning


Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps, Black

If you’re looking for the best beginner compound bow package, and you want to buy on a budget, Leader Accessories has just the thing for you. You will get everything you need within it – even 12 arrows and paper targets!

The material used for this bow is aluminum, giving it durability; in fact, the bow weighs just 4lbs. The draw weight is adjustable, ranging from 50 to 70lbs, making it great for stronger, adult beginners.

This model comes in a right-handed orientation. Again, you can adjust the draw length of the string by using the Allen wrench, and it ranges from 25 to 31 inches, covering the needs of most archers.

The axle-to-axle length of this one is 31.5 inches. While it does send arrows flying quite fast, it’s not on the quiet side, which may present itself as an issue, or an annoyance.

Overall, the design is heavy-duty and weatherproof; this will be great if you’re interested in the more extreme side of archery. With its light and adjustable design, it will suit newbies – Leader Accessories work to keep it simple and accessible.

If you’re planning on going bow hunting with your newly-acquired archery skills, this is the best beginner compound bow for deer hunting. The speed is fantastic due to the weight, sending your arrow flying at speeds up to 310fps.

We loved how smooth shooting is with this one. The cams are something to admire, as they create astonishing impact with minimal effort from the shooter.

The debt you pay to adjustability is that the strings might loosen up at the cams every now and again, and you will need to reattach them. This will be especially true if your draw length is below 31 inches.

Besides, even though the bow itself is light when everything adds up, it might get heavy for a beginner. It shouldn’t be a problem, as the design itself aims at stronger individuals due to the draw weight, but might bother some people.


  • Great for learning due to the simple design
  • Adjustable
  • Durable


  • Right-hand oriented limitation
  • Strings tend to loosen up
  • Add-ons aren't of best quality
  • With all the add-ons, it can get heavy


XGeek Compound Bow,Limbs Made in USA,19-30 Draw Length,19-70Lbs Draw Weight,Up to 320FPS, Ship from USA Warehouse(Arrives 3-5 Days)

This complete package will satisfy anyone looking for an entry-level bow. The first thing worth mentioning is that XGeek offers a 2-year warranty in the event there is anything faulty with their product.

You will get everything you need to begin your archery training, straight from the off.

It comes with arrows and arrow wax. The bow itself weighs just above 3.3lbs, and the available draw weight ranges from 19lbs to 70lbs.

The draw length is very flexible, with a range of 19-30 inches. You will get an Allen wrench in your package for easy set-up.

When it comes to the materials of the bow, they are light and sturdy – the riser is aluminum, the soft grip touch, and the dual cams provide significant assistance in your shooting. In fact, you may send your arrow flying at up to 320 feet per second with this one.

XGeek had novices in mind when designing this package. As mentioned, you get all the parts and the tools within it to assemble it, as well as accessories such as a carrying case and arm guard, etc making multiple purchases unnecessary.

Everything except for the stabilizer comes pre-installed on your bow. It decreases assembly time and stress for any archery novices.


  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Flexible


  • No manual or instructions
  • Has no option for left handed archers.

Best Beginner Compound Bow Buying Guide

Best Compound Bows for Beginners 101

Many fall hopelessly in love with archery – with the sense of control and the mind and body unity you achieve, the sport is intoxicating. However, beginners might find it overwhelming, especially if they go for compound bows.

At first glance, compound bows are complicated, and it could be tough to pick. To answer the question of what is the best compound bow for a beginner, let us go over the basics of compound bows first.

The Design of Compound Bow

As the name suggests, compound bows consist of many parts, many more than other bow types out there. Yet, it seems crucial that you understand them so you can choose and use your bow properly.

We will describe the main parts of this bow in broad strokes, but if you are interested in learning more, it will do you good.

The Riser

The riser is the essential piece of the entire construction. It is the base upon which many other parts attach.

When choosing the riser, the only thing to remember is that it needs to be sturdy. Nowadays, most bows come with high-quality carbon risers, but the more traditional aluminum ones serve the purpose, too.

The Limbs

The limbs attach to the top and bottom part of the riser. Their primary purpose is to hold the arrow in place.

As such, their design ought to be both light and heavy-duty. There are a few types of them, differing slightly in design and functionalities; yet, as a someone new to archery, you won’t feel their impact all that much.

The Cams

The cams are unique in compound bows and differentiate them from every other bow type. This part is that wheel at the top and bottom of the bow, which makes the compound so recognizable.

They use the pulley system to make it easier for the archer to pull back quite more significant weights. As a result, you can use a heavier bowstring, thus shooting arrows quicker and further.

Again, there are different cam systems; some more challenging to get used to, and to others, it’s more straightforward. The difference they create reflects in precision and speed, but leave worrying about the particulars for a couple of years of practice.

The Bowstring

Finally, a part everyone is familiar with! The bowstring is the part you shoot nock and shoot your arrow from.

Today, bowstrings are synthetic and durable. The only thing to remember is to wax them every now and then to keep them sturdy for longer.

The Cables

This is yet another element unique to the compound bow.

The cables connect to cams allowing for faster and further shooting. Most compounds on the market today come with pre-installed cables.

The Cable Guard & Slide

These two parts work together to keep your cables from getting in the way of your arrow and bowstring.

You will recognize the guard as the rod about 90 degrees from the riser. The slide attaches to the guard, keeping the cables stable.

The Arrow Rest

The arrow rest holds your arrow steady as you prepare for your shot. There are two popular types for compound bows.

  • The capture rest is circular and goes around the arrow shaft. However, it comes with openings, so when you release the arrow, the fletchings go through them.
  • Drop-away rest, as the name suggests, drops away from your arrow after you release the shot. Not touching the bolt once it’s shot allows for a higher level of precision.
The Grip

This is the part of the bow you will hold once you shoot.

It’s incredibly straightforward – just remember that you can add cushioning if it’s hurting your palms. Today, you might even find bows with an ergonomic grip for extra comfort.

The Bow Sight

The bow sight helps you enhance the precision of your aim. You align it with a target to have a better shot.

Fixed and single pins exist when it comes to this category. Fixed pins help you improve your aim, and are thus excellent for beginners, and single pins work with finesse.

The Stabilizer

You will find the stabilizer perpendicular to the riser. It has two essential functions on your compound bow.

Primarily, as the name suggests, it is there to bring a little more balance and stability to your bow, allowing you to make shots with higher precision. Moreover, it takes up some of the vibration produced by the shot, making it quieter (this will be crucial for bowhunting).

Choosing the Size

You should learn your draw length first – it determines how far back you can pull the string, and there are several methods for calculating it. Remember that all bows come designed for people with specific lengths, and learning your own is the best way to enjoy the experience.

When it comes to the length of your bow (from the top to the bottom cam), it doesn’t rely so much on your size. Instead, it depends on what your shooting plans are.

The general rule is that longer bows are more suitable for target shooting, and shorter bows work better if you go bowhunting. However, it may turn out the opposite for you.

Choosing the Draw Weight

This measure tells you how difficult it is to pull the string, i.e., how much power you need to do it. The more force produced, the faster the arrows will go.

Check the general guidelines, but remember that for beginners, it’s better to go for a lighter bow. As you build strength, you will be able to switch to a more powerful bow.

Your Dominant Hand and Eye

While you may already be aware of your dominant hand, your dominant eye might be something you are new to. There are straightforward tests to determine your dominant eye that you can find throughout the net.

If you’re, for example, right-hand and -eye dominant, go for a right-hand bow. However, if in the event you end up with inconsistent results (the event known as ‘cross dominance’), you will have a more difficult choice to make.

In this case, if you go for a bow which is a match for your dominant eye, you will gain in precision, but it will feel strange, especially at first, and you may find it challenging to get used to it. On the other hand, if it matches your hand, it will feel natural, but your precision may suffer.

There are many other factors to take into consideration, we recommend you test multiple bows out and see what feels best.


We are almost spoiled for choice nowadays. Most manufacturers took the ‘one size fits all’ approach and made flexible products to fit a range of ages, builds, and skill levels.

Honestly speaking, most of the bows we mentioned are more than enough for any beginner. You will only start to appreciate the full selection on offer once you have tried many bows.

Our pick for the best beginner compound bow would be the Infinite Edge Pro. We feel that, when you’re just beginning, versatility and adjustability are key.

This model offers precisely that, and even more, with its design. No other manufacturer in the category managed to surpass the quality they brought to the table.