List of Top Archery Ranges in Alabama

Archery and bowhunting can be an exciting or relaxing pastime that you can enjoy with others and in a variety of ways. Many people enjoy it as a sport, but some use it to hunt for food. If you want to get some more practice in before the next hunting season or just enjoy a day out enjoying a hobby, this is the place for you.

The Archery Trade Association, along with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, have joined with local communities to create fun, safe, and accessible archery ranges all over Alabama. Some privately owned archery ranges are also available for the public to enjoy. Read further to find out how you can enjoy these beautiful locations and this exhilarating sport.

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Official Archery Parks

These beautiful parks boast realistic targets, elevated shooting positions, and distances for every level and type of archer. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADNR) requires visitors between 16 and 64 to have a valid heritage, hunting, or fishing license.

Official Archery Parks

Parks also accept valid hunting permits from the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) division of ADNR. Out of state visitors will need a valid WMA license to shoot at these parks if they’re 16 or older.

Note that these places don’t permit the use of broadhead arrows. This is purely for safety as they fly differently and can cause accidents if you aren’t properly trained to use them.

Parks available across the state include:

  • Athens Community Archery Park
  • Cullman Community Archery Park
  • Decatur Community Archery Park
  • Demopolis Community Archery Park
  • Dothan Eastgate Park Archery Range
  • Elba Community Archery Park
  • Foley Community Archery Park
  • Heflin Community Archery Park
  • Hoover Community Archery Park
  • Lincoln Community Archery Park
  • Oak Mountain Community Archery Park (Pelham)
  • Ozark Community Archery Park
  • Southside Community Archery Park (Huntsville)
  • Tuscaloosa Community Archery Park (Northport)
  • Walker County Community Archery Park (Jasper)
  • Wind Creek Community Archery Park (Alexander City)
  • Wetumpka Community Archery Park

Other Archery Ranges to Check Out

Other Archery Ranges to Check Out

There are hundreds of businesses in Alabama that offer archery ranges and lessons as part of their services. Below are some of the most notable clubs and ranges from our experience.

Bow Hunters of Alabama

The Bow Hunters of Alabama is a non-profit organization that gives bowhunters and archers in the state a voice. The organization has opened various ranges across the state to fund projects and competitions.

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen

If you have a passion for traditional archery and bows, then the ASTB could be the club for you. This place promotes traditional archery and only allows traditional archers on their range. These sportsmen and women shoot with longbows or other traditional versions that have no guides or sights. This form of archery is highly skilled and takes years to master

Dead Zero Shooting 3D Archery Course

Dead Zero Shooting is a Veteran Owned Company with facilities for shooting and archery. They offer a 3D archery course with target distances for every level and age of archer. Dead Zero aims to create a one-stop facility for all types of riflery and archery.

In a Nutshell

Alabama has extraordinary locations with gorgeous wildlife that the archery community has taken advantage of. With the popularity of hunting in this state, it’s no wonder archers and bowhunters are often welcomed in these communities. You can enjoy archery as a hobby or sport and get some practice in these and many more ranges around the country.