Easton Full Metal Jacket

Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow shafts provide the in-flight stability and durability of use that bowhunters demand from their gear. Easton is known for their quality range of lighter weight, small diameter shafts, and the FMJ option offered by them sticks with this trend.


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  •  Easy target pull
  •  HIT inserts
  •  Metal jacket reduces friction
  •  Heavier weight
  •  Small diameter


  •  Not suitable for beginners
  •  Higher price point

Easton Full Metal Jacket Product Review

Naturally, the more penetration your arrow achieves on impact, the better, especially when you are taking down big game. From whitetails to elk, and even larger game – users of Easton’s Full Metal Jackets have reported consistently easier game recovery thanks to more substantial blood trails.

This is a result of the deeper penetration offered by full metal jacket shafts. These particular shafts are constructed from an aluminum coating over a high-impact, high-strength, carbon core for significantly improved penetration over standard carbon shafts.

Unlike traditional carbon shafts, Easton’s Full Metal Jacket arrows offer increased lifespan, and if they do break through use, they won’t splinter, which can lead to injury.

Proprietary X nocks are preinstalled on each arrow, and several spine sizes are available, including: 500, 400, 340 & 300. Because of their advanced manufacturing processes and technology, uniformity between arrow spines is exceptional, with a focus on keeping shaft size the same over 360 degrees.

Strict weight tolerances are implemented during production to guarantee performance for the user. Depending on your chosen broadhead, full arrow weight can vary between 425 – 600 grains and anything in between.

Easton boasts a stricter level of quality when inspecting their arrows for straightness, far surpassing the ATA/ASTM industry standards. By doing this, Easton currently offers what is expected to be the straightest arrows on the market.

Several bowhunters have noted comparable performance with Easton Full Metal Jacket shafts, regardless of whether they are using a compound bow, flatbow, longbow, or recurve bow. Most report at least three quarter shaft length penetration when used in conjunction with single-bevel broadheads.

Accuracy remains consistent through use, with archers expressing their pleasure at achieving comparable groupings when using fixed blade broadheads as they do with field points. Another often overlooked advantage of full metal jacket arrows is their limited capacity for excess noise.

Noise control is crucial for any continued hunting success; many hours have been wasted by bowhunters lying in wait, only to have their game jump the string because of their noisy gear setup.


Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow shafts are slowly becoming a favorite among not only bowhunters, but field archers have started to find an increased level of performance through their use.

For anyone demanding a tougher, quieter, more durable arrow – this might be the choice for you. Improving accuracy and performance regardless of whether you prefer modern compound, or traditional long and flat-bows.