QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead

Today we’re going to reviewing the QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead, a great option if you want an excellent set of broadheads and have a mid-range budget.

Having a great crossbow is pointless unless you have the right projectile to finish the job off.

Many inexperienced archers don’t quite realize how many great options are available on the market.


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The QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead is highly-rated by its users, and here at Archery Edge, we’re going to find out why!

So let’s waste no more time and fire straight into our review of the QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead.


  •  Hybrid tip
  •  Replacement blades available
  •  Solid design


  •  Higher powered crossbow users might miss a 150 grain option

QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead Product Review

The QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead is an excellent choice when selecting an attachment for your bow.

Manufactures have kitted the broadhead out with razor-sharp, durable blades with steep cutting angles for maximum penetration.

The blades feature heavy-duty stainless steel, more than capable of taking down a big game target while out on the hunt.

Some users have reported that this blade doesn’t travel great; however, you should have no issues penetrating prey from over 50 yards away.

A short compact head gives the blades many key attributes, including the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • Excellent penetration

QAD claims this to be a cut on contact tip, but we personally feel like it resembles more of a chisel tip design. So we feel like this broadhead is more of a hybrid of the two designs.

Both 100 and 125-grain options are available with this broadhead; both of these figures make ideal them ideal for crossbow use.

The 100-grain head is the most common size currently in use, but the 125-grain head is certainly worth considering.

A 1.25-inch cutting diameter will ensure live prey is finished off both quickly and ethically. Minimizing post kill issues.

The design itself is simple, yet sturdy. Three blades are included in the pack, so replacements are available if and when required.

The broadheads are priced mid-range but only included three blades. We’d like to see six in this pack, but then again, these are high-quality heads.

Only one color is available for these heads, but I can’t imagine you will care much, providing they’re still securing your kills.

The product itself is very highly rated by its users, so you can be left in no doubt that this a solid choice.


Overall the QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead is a great option and will assist any archer with their hunting needs.

They may be slightly expensive with only three in a pack, but they are high quality and will not disappoint.

These broadheads also come complete with some of the features you’d expect to find on a higher-priced model of broadheads.

We hope you enjoyed our review of the QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead, if you have any questions on the product, don’t hesitate to hit the comments section and get in touch!

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