Ravin R26 Crossbow Package Review

If you’re a hunter or just love archery, then your crossbow is likely to be your pride and joy. It’s an investment, and the more powerful the bow, the better.A high-power crossbow from a trusted brand can cost you anything between $1000 and $3000, so if you’re not put off by a high price tag, then you should be interested in our crossbow of choice today.Keep reading for our review of the Ravin R26, including a list of the features, specs, and the pros and cons.

Ravin Crossbows R26

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Before we get into reviewing the R26, let’s give you a little background on the brand behind the bow – Ravin.Ravin was created by a group of hard-core hunters and product designers who strive to provide hunters and bowmen with the most accurate crossbows on the planet.Working with the best engineers in the industry, Ravin literally reinvented the crossbow with the introduction of HeliCoil technology. This is something that all modern Ravin bows feature, resulting in extremely accurate, compact, fast and efficient crossbows.If you don’t believe us, then check out the Ravin website. Their crossbows receive top tier scores for accuracy at 40 years, which any hunter is sure to appreciate.


  • Compact
  • Wields a lot of power
  • Perfect for shooting from a blind
  • Award winning assembly 


  • I would like to see some improved accessories included

Ravin R26 Review

Ravin R26 Specs:

  • Velocity = 400FPS
  • Length = 26 inches
  • Mass weight = 6.5 pounds
  • Power stroke = 9.5 inches
  • Axle to axle = 5.75 inches

R26 Accessory Package

When you purchase the R26, you don’t just get the crossbow. You get the following accessories included in your package:

  • Illuminated scope
  • 3 arrow quiver
  • Draw handle
  • 6 pack 400-grain match grade arrows (20 inches)
  • Field points
  • Accessories bracket

This high power bow can shoot arrows as fast as 400FPS. For a bit of perspective, some of the pistol crossbows we have reviewed shoot arrows at 160FPS, and those bows can take down small game.

Not only is it extremely powerful and efficient, but it’s also compact and easy to carry around with you, which is ideal in hunting situations.

At only 5.75-inches axle to axle when fully cocked, the R26 is the most compact bow in this category available to buy on the market. Another thing that makes the bow compact is the fact the level cams can rotate 360 degrees, making it super portable.

The lightweight bow has been specially designed to be carried with ease in the field. It’s rare that you find a lightweight crossbow that’s powerful enough to hit the mark, but this bow does just that.

The handles are ergonomically designed, making it even easier to carry around with you for hours on end. The comfortable handles, lightweight design, and compact body make this a brilliant crossbow for longer hunting sessions.

Ravin has used its famous HeliCoil technology in the R26. This revolutionary technology is the engine behind Ravin Crossbows. It coils cables away from both the top and the bottom of the cams in helical grooves, keeping them perfectly balanced.

This does wonders in improving the accuracy of your shots, as the cams remain perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow.

Like with any weapon, safety is something that must be considered. The Ravin R26 features a DFI (dry-fire inhibitor), which does exactly what it says on the tin – inhibits dry-fire.

Dry firing your bow can result in damage and even breakage of the limbs. This is why most modern crossbows have an anti-dry fire mechanism in place. Thanks to the durability and safety features that the R26 is equipped with, it’s sure to last you a long, long time.


If you’re looking to treat yourself and splash the cash on a super-high quality, powerful and effective crossbow, then the R26 is definitely worth considering.

Although the price tag may seem a little high, the Ravin R26 crossbow is certainly worth every penny. It has all the features you need in a hunting crossbow and more.

Ravin is an extremely reputable company that provides state-of-the-art crossbows with compact designs. They’re made by hunters, so they know exactly what you’re looking for in a crossbow for hunting.

Have you tried and tested any of the Ravin Crossbows yet? If you have, what is your favorite model?

Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to share our review of the Ravin R26 with your friends.

Happy hunting!