What Are the Top Archery Ranges in Arkansas?

I love to hit the archery range whenever I can. Trying a new place is a treat, plus it keeps my skills sharp because every spot has different distances and 3D targets. The variety pushes me to improve my abilities and keeps things interesting.

There are two types of archery ranges: bag targets and 3D targets. Bag targets set at known distances let archers dial in their sights and work on techniques. 3D fake wild game targets (like deer or turkey) allow me to practice shot location at various distances and terrain.

Both range types have their advantages, and it’s best to know what kind of targets a range has before you go.

Pro Tip: be sure the range isn’t having an event before you drive there. While most occasions are open to anyone, it could draw a large crowd and make it tough to get range time. Events are fun, competitive, and you meet new people who love archery.

Here are some of my favorite archery ranges in Arkansas. I gave you both outdoor and indoor facilities, and all are great fun. You can also learn how to train your archery muscles here.

DHF Archery Range

“The range built by hunters for hunters!” Man, they aren’t kidding. This range has it all: indoor, outdoor, fixed range targets, 3D pop-up targets, even video archery. It’s 10,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled archery goodness.

DHF Archery Range

DHF Archery Range has shooting events, tournaments (both indoor and outdoor), and weekly video dart leagues. Indoor tournaments ($20) include a round of pop-up 3D targets and a round of stationary targets. Outdoor contests include 25 targets for $15. Other prices vary, but there’s always something fun to do year-round.

If you want options, DHF Archery Range is the place to go.

Slingin’ Arrows

Slingin’ Arrows is an indoor lane shooting range with a full-service store. It’s a one-stop-shop, where you can buy a bow and arrows, get your gear repaired, take lessons, or just rent a lane and shoot. The indoor lanes allow many archers to shoot at the same time. The staff is excellent at working with people of all skill and experience levels.

Pricing is reasonable: $8 for a day, $20 for a month, or $200 for the year. Tournaments are held every Thursday at 6 pm and 7:30 pm. Slingin’ Arrows is a great, no-fuss archery range where you can buy supplies or repairs. I can stop in and be shooting in no time.

Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range

AGFC has 16 archery ranges across the state, but this one is my favorite. Best of all, it’s free! Three fixed distance lanes with bag targets give me traditional bullseye shooting. My favorite part is the 3D range, which has 30 different fake animals for you to shoot (ever shot an alligator?) Best of all, there isn’t much walking between the shots. I like it because I get a lot of draws in a short timeframe.

Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range

Be sure to check-in at the clubhouse when you arrive. The AGFC likes to know that you’re on the range.

Burns Park Archery Range

Sometimes I just want to show up and shoot. That makes Burns Park one of my favorite archery ranges because it’s simple, wide open, and free! The park is beautiful, very peaceful, and the range is fun.

My Verdict

Being an avid archer, I really enjoy getting out and heading to a range when I can. Arkansas was an excellent place to be able to practice, and these are some of my favorite spots. I recommend any one of them to anyone visiting the state.