Recommendations of Archery Ranges in Delaware

What Delaware has to offer

Just because Delaware is the 2nd smallest state in the US, doesn’t mean it lacks a rich, vibrant culture. Delaware stretches to the Atlantic ocean on one side and beautiful forest land on the other.

What Delaware has to offer

Bow and arrows have been shot on this land for hundreds of years. Shooting archery in Delaware is a must whether you are an avid shooter or a novice. Whether you prefer a high-impact bow or a traditional setup, it’s easy to find indoor and outdoor shooting areas that suit your needs.

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What to Look for When Choosing an Archery Range

Maybe, you’ve just moved to Delaware or perhaps you’ve lived in Delaware all your life and are looking to give archery a try. Knowing what to look for when choosing an archery range is an important first step.

What to Look for When Choosing an Archery Range

Start by searching for archery ranges within driving distance from you. After narrowing that down, minimize that search to indoor and outdoor facilities. If you’re looking for a club that has both, be sure to clarify that. Some clubs only offer one or the other.

Next, look and see if lessons or instructors are available for hire at each location–if that’s important to you. Although most clubs have optional lessons, some clubs are set up to accommodate only experienced archers with their own equipment.

Lastly, be sure the operational hours suit your schedule.

Although you may want to compare costs on clubs, I think you’ll quickly see that most clubs in Delaware are within the same bracket of $75 US to $150 US per year.

Clubs in Delaware, USA

New Castle Hundred Archers Club, Newark, DE

This club is a member of the USA archery association, and being a member allows you access to all of their exclusive events. All instructors here are USA Archery certified members. So yes, they do offer lessons!

New Castle also has an equipment rental for first-timers or those who don’t want to invest in equipment. They offer challenging courses for avid archers and  JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) programs for budding competitors.

They also offer an ‘achieve archery’ program. This is more in-depth than public lessons and allows interested archers to expand their skills no matter their age.

Overall this club gets a big thumbs up.

Nanticoke Sportsmen’s Club, Seaford, DE

This club spans over 50 acres of woodland and is home to an electronic indoor archery range. They accommodate crossbows, compound bows, and more traditional archers.

They have public events, including some for children under the age of 14. Archers must have at least 3 matching arrows when entering any competitions. Be sure that you put your name on the shaft of the arrow for identification.

This club has limited memberships available, so their requirements are strict. The beauty and acreage available make this club a waitlist must.

Bow Hunting in Delaware

After practicing all summer in one of the captivating archery ranges Delaware has to offer, you can get a head start on deer hunting. This state opens bow deer hunting on September 1st, giving you a week’s head start on the bucks. Make sure you have the proper license for this state and tags.

Where to buy bows and equipment?

From crossbows to longbows, compound bows to arrows, Black Bear Archery in St. Georges, DE has it all. They specialize in well-educated and experienced staff. All employees have either participated in hunts or clocked countless hours in a shooting range. No question is too big or small or technical for them.

Some other archery shops include:

Social Media

Some archery clubs and associations can be found on social media. What a great way to meet all our millennial needs!

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In Conclusion

Delaware is small and mighty for beginner and advanced archers. It’s an amazing place to experience the great outdoors or a controlled indoor target.

By choosing a club that’s right for you, you’ll be able to focus on your equipment. skills, and, of course, fun!

Archery is tedious and it’s half the fun perfecting your pull back and stance. So, get out there and find somewhere comfortable for you to enjoy expanding your archery skills.