List of Archery Ranges in Georgia

Georgia has oceanic coastlines, historic towns, and mountains spreading throughout its state lines. But the state isn’t only known for its landscapes and pecans. Search a little harder and you’ll find a plethora of breathtaking archery ranges.

NASP (National Archery in the School Program) is an archery program for school-aged children up to and including grade 12. This countrywide program is in most of the Georgia schools as an approved physical education component. Getting young archers interested in archery in the state of Georgia is prevalent.

Some of the programs’ top priorities include:

  • Safety training
  • Non-controversial fun
  • In-school education for grades 4-12
  • Keeping students interested in the fastest-growing shooting sport in the nation

While Georgia has excellent in-school programs for our budding archers, they also have top-class ranges and lessons available for adults of all skill levels.

By the way, if you are looking for broadhead targets for your bow,

Let’s take a look at some of the highest-rated ranges in the state.

Archery in Georgia State Parks

It’s not your usual private archery club, but in Georgia, many state parks offer shooting ranges for archery enthusiasts. Park entrance fees apply.

You must bring your own archery equipment to state park ranges. Incorporating archery ranges into the state parks shows that Georgia, as a state, is supportive of efforts to increase access to archery.

The state parks that offer archery ranges are as follows:

Blaze Sports America

Blaze Sports America offers an outdoor location in Stockbridge and an indoor location in Snellville. This club caters to youth and veterans living with disabilities.

Blaze sports is dedicated to helping veterans use their shooting skills in an archery/non-confrontational setting. It offers a chance for veterans to enjoy a sport, gain new skills. and find a sense of community.

Governors Gun Club

The Governors Gun Club caters to a variety of shooting sports. They have multiple locations but, most notably, their Kennesaw location offers a state-of-the-art 30-yard indoor range with 3D targets available.

They also have a cutting-edge virtual archery simulator with over 600 targets to aim for.

The Governor’s club does have memberships but also takes day clients and offers lessons for new and advanced players.

Mid GA Archery Club

Members of the Mid GA Archery Club meets in Perry, GA. They have access to an indoor facility in inclement weather but prefer to practice outdoors.

There are beginner lessons every week for those 8 years old or older and emphasize family fun for all ages.

Safety is a priority at Mid GA, and they outline all necessary clothing and shoes needed on their webpage.

Outdoor ranges vary depending on the time of year.

Top Nock Archery Academy

With events taking place in Appling, GA, Top Nock Archery caters to all skill levels. Their coaches are helpful and attentive to all your archery needs. Top Nock hosts various archery tournaments and outdoor practices throughout the year.

88 Archery Club Academy

With a Korean influence, this top-notch club has something for everyone. Their coaching is on par with anyone looking to compete at a high level.

One of the coaches has won gold at the Olympics in archery and competed internationally. 88 Archery Club has indoor and outdoor facilities and operates as a school. Their website offers information in both English and Korean.

Archery Learning Center and Bowhunting Pro Shop

Archery Learning Center is a pro shop selling top-of-the-line archery equipment but also has a shooting range on campus with targets up to 20 yards.

Archery Learning Center and Bowhunting Pro Shop

They offer used paper targets for free, or you can buy new targets for fairly reasonable prices. The pro shop offers equipment service and repairs, so you can make sure you’re practicing with the best gear possible, or even rent a lane for shooting while having your second bow fixed.

They also provide lessons to beginner and advanced shooters taught by their incredibly knowledgeable staff.

Get busy in Georgia

While archery may seem a bit intimidating to get started with, reports have said that it’s actually safer than bowling. So why not get out there and try a family-friendly sport the next time you’re in Georgia? Whether you prefer the rolling hillsides or the pro shops’ indoor ranges, there is something for everyone.