Top Archery Ranges in Idaho

Idaho is a state known for massive expanses of hunting territory and wilderness. From the Sawtooth to the Smoky Mountains, a visit to the region is sure to be a memorable experience for anybody, but it’s an absolute paradise for hunters.

If you prefer hunting with a bow as I do, then it’s important to know the kinds of archery ranges available when visiting (or living in) Idaho. Each range offers unique environments, target varieties, and equipment restrictions.

Continue reading to brush up on the local destinations so you can choose the one best suited for your interests.

Editor’s Note: We released our list of ranges in Hawaii. Check it out here.

Boise Military Reserve Archery Range

Located in the state capitol is the Military Reserve Archery Range. A short drive on Mountain Cove Road will find you with ten lanes of archery open from sunrise to sunset. The lanes range from 10 to 80 yards, with two lanes at 40 and 20 yards.

Archers must be responsible at all times on this range. This means cleaning up after yourself, taking care to abide by the safety rules and regulations, and–of course–have fun.

Boise Military Reserve Archery Range

The Boise Military Reserve Archery Range does not allow the use of crossbows or other trigger mechanism weapons beyond trigger pulls on bows. Other restricted items include broadheads, pets, and alcoholic beverages.

This range is perfect for both beginner and veteran archers, offering challenges for all ages and skill levels. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, encouraging family engagement. With no need for a prior appointment and no cost, the Boise Military Reserve Archery Range has my recommendation.

Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Range

Offering memberships with substantial benefits, including keys to the range and family deals, the Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Range is perfect for archers looking to devote themselves.

Bow Chiefs features outdoor archery lanes that are open to the public for free. Their indoor range, however, does requires a membership to shoot.

The outdoor range offers targets up to 50 yards away. Hours were hard to find for the outdoor range, but the indoor range is open 24/7 for members with a key. Memberships start at $30 for a single shooter with no key and can get up to $140 for a family with a key. Any member may bring a guest for an additional charge.

Beyond just the range, there are multiple classes for youth and adults. Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Range is dedicated to keeping the sport of archery alive and well for future generations. If you’re in the area, this range is a must.

Dead On Archery

Dead On Archery, located off Fairview Avenue in Boise, is an archery superstore dedicated to providing sportsmen like us with the best experience possible. The range is up to 65 yards, costs only $10 per day for unlimited use, and is even available for birthday parties. Dead On Archery also offers various memberships, leagues, and a hunting simulator.

Additionally, the store itself offers a massive stock of hunting supplies and archery components. If you’re unsure about your bow, you can bring it to their courteous and knowledgeable staff to have them adjust it to best fit you.

The pricing range can be confusing at first, but their staff is always happy to clarify any questions you might have. Some reviewers have issues with it, but customer service is generally a top priority here.

Archery Central

Archery Central in Caldwell is a shop and range dedicated to customer service. The shop is simplistic with an impressive range of equipment and accessories for its size. Their customer service is considered legendary amongst their regulars, often described as like working with your best friends.

The extent of their customer service can be seen in any online review. Customers are always floored by their hospitality and skill, balancing everything to help out whoever they can, when they can, and in a timely fashion.

Beyond that, the leagues they offer give customers a chance to play competitively and test their limits. Adult leagues are on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays with kids leagues on Tuesdays. Prices start at $5 and only go up to $10 or $11, depending on the range and rentals. With the at-home feel and experienced staff, Archery Central is a top pick for anyone looking to up their archery game. I couldn’t recommend this range more.


Idaho is known for beautiful wildlife, great hunting, and friendly people. For an archer, it couldn’t be a better place. Even if you don’t shoot regularly, ranges such as Archery Central or the Military Reserve range make it easy to learn and practice. Enjoy yourself and good hunting, archers.