5 Top Archery Ranges in Maryland

Maryland is a state of stunning scenery and natural attractions, making it the perfect place to shoot archery. Finding a range that best suits you is necessary before heading out with your bow. Many factors can go into what makes a  range the right one for you, so be sure to research which ones are nearest you and what they offer.

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What Makes a Good Archery Range

Having the best experience when you go to a range is what you’ll want to shoot for. Listed here are some factors that could make or break that experience if you haven’t done the proper research:

What Makes a Good Archery Range

  • Bringing Your Own Equipment: Are you able to bring your own equipment, or do you have to rent it? This is important to question since more experienced archers often prefer the feel of their own bows. Additionally, if you don’t have your own equipment, you should make sure the range you opt for offers equipment rentals because not all do.
  • Classes: Some ranges offer classes for newcomers. These are great if you want to become skilled in shooting arrows or are a first-timer just looking for the basics before branching off on your own.
  • Other Services: Some ranges might offer additional services, events, or activities for archers. These can include outings, competitions, and even other sporting opportunities. These are great perks for both new and experienced fans of shooting arrows.

Best Archery Ranges to Visit

Maryland offers many exciting archery ranges for residents and visitors. Below are some of my favorite venues to choose from.

Lake Needwood Archery Range

Lake Needwood Archery Range in Rock Creek National Park is an excellent choice for any archery fan.

Lake Needwood offers sheltered shooting positions starting at 20 yards and going up to 100. You’re also required to bring your own targets, so that’s something to note before visiting.

Anne Arundel Archers

This archery range, located in Gambrills, is a non-profit, 53-acre range venue, so you can feel good about spending your money while having a fun time. They are a Maryland institution that’s been a community favorite for over 40 years.

There are five practice targets for non-members to use. For members, there are 28 exclusive targets.

Anne Arundel Archers also offers archery classes, tournaments, and shooting in 3D. Therefore, a membership here will provide a high amount of variety when it comes to how you want to shoot.

Jefferson Archery

Another noteworthy option, Jefferson Archery, is one of the most popular ranges in Maryland. They offer a sweeping variety of ranges and shooting options.

One of the several services they offer is repairs for your bows and your arrows. Jefferson knows that sometimes your equipment needs repair and it’s not always convenient or possible to take time out of your schedule for repairs at a specialized shop.

Vingt Neuf Bowmen Archery

Vingt Neuf Bowmen Archery opened its doors in the 1950s and has been a go-to archery range ever since. Vingt Neuf is on 25 acres of land in Baltimore. The range has chartered with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and the Maryland Archery Association (MAA).

As a member of Vingt Neuf, you’ll have access to all of the exceptional features the range has to offer. These include a 20-yard indoor range and a 14-target outdoor field range.

Vingt Neuf also offers lessons and family sessions, making it a welcoming space for archers of all skill levels. The lessons can turn any novice into a pro in no time, while the family sessions could be the perfect weekend outing.

Adelphi Manor Archery Range

One of the smaller ranges on the list, Adelphi Manor, is a charming and quiet location. There are five basic targets to practice your shooting. The targets, made from hay bales in wooden box frames, give the range its endearing quality.

The acres of lush green forest surrounding Adelphi Manor, add to the calming and natural environment. Being able to enjoy the beautiful state of Maryland while shooting arrows is a dream for any archery fan. Adelphi Manor provides that for you.

Wrap Up

Maryland has a spectacular offering of ranges for old and new fans alike. It’s crucial, however, that you look into the ranges nearest you and their offerings to determine which are the most suited for your unique needs. That way, you can ensure the most fun with the least worries.