List of Awesome Archery Ranges in Kansas

Archery is a sport of skill and technique practiced around the world.

What originally stemmed from hunting and warfare has become a beloved outdoor pastime for all age groups. Anyone who appreciates a challenge and a workout will certainly find pleasure in the sport.

One thing I love about archery is the connection it promotes with nature and the outdoors. Whether I’m practicing on targets in the backyard or trekking out into the wilderness for some bowhunting, it’s a great way to unwind and take in your surroundings.

Some of the best archery ranges include natural obstacles and scenic views. There’s nothing like the energy that comes from fresh air and sports.

Kansas offers a plethora of outdoor archery venues for the novice and the expert. The state is known for its rolling plains and deep forests, making it perfect for outdoor excursions and activities.

If you’re looking for some of the best ranges in the United States, Kansas is a gem that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Kansas Bow and Arrow Venues

I’ve always loved the hills and valleys of Kansas. Right in the middle of America, the sky seems to stretch on forever.

Kansas is home to plenty of camouflage and state parks. Outdoor activities are all the rage and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy fishing or hunting.

Archery is a natural jumping-off point for many beginner hunters. It’s a great way to practice stealth, aim, and safety. Shooting arrows is a popular practice in Kansas, and the state is well-stocked with ranges open to the public.

Elevated Archery

If you’re looking for a range centered around training and bowhunting, check this place out.

Elevated Archery combines the timeless sport with modern technology for an immersive experience that will surely enhance your skillset.

This range creates a genuine hunting environment, with four elevated platforms built to resemble hunter plateaus. Their 3D range is specifically designed to help you improve your precision. And you can shoot up to 90 yards here using the equipment they have available for sale or rental.

I definitely recommend EA. They have a history of professional, friendly service and they’re open every day. Make sure you call ahead to reserve your range time, as they’re an appointment-only establishment.

Wichita Archery, Inc.

Another great venue is Wichita Archery, Inc., a club with more than 200 members and 50 years of service. This organization supports day trips and tournaments for archers of all skill levels.

I think the best feature of this range is the sandy trail that runs throughout the entire 14-target course. The sand allows you to go out shooting despite poor weather conditions. Rain or shine, the weather never cancels a day of shooting at Wichita Archery.

The practice range has targets spread out from ten yards away to about 70, so even the youngest archers will be able to participate. Field targets are spread out across the range in a setup similar to a golf course. Archers hike along the path as they encounter 14 unique targets designed to test their skills.

This range is unquestionably suited for enthusiasts who crave a challenge. If you’re looking for a community of fellow archers to practice with and get to know, I highly recommend this range.

Eisenhower State Park

Anyone who has recently taken up archery and is looking for a scenic, low-cost range, will absolutely love this state park.

Located within the park’s campground, this 19-target field is welcoming and surrounded by unparalleled views.

Eisenhower State Park in archery

There are shelters and picnic areas scattered around the park, so you can make a full day of archery practice and go at your own pace. You’ll have to bring your own equipment, but the venue is great for anyone who wants to slip away into nature to shoot some arrows.

The site caters to families and those wishing to practice archery without an instructor. Here, you truly feel surrounded by wilderness, with only the sport to think about. The wooded areas and lakes fill the park with sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves. It’s the perfect place to get in the zone.

Sunflower State Archery

Kansas is one of my favorite states, located right in the heart of America.

I love the backroad, the country feel of the open landscape, and the warm welcome from the locals.

In the Sunflower State, it’s agreed upon that archery is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Kansas feels like home, and there’s no place like it for archers.